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Guide to Epcot Park

Epcot Park at Walt Disney World

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EPCOT Park at Disney World

If you are planning a trip to EPCOT park at Disney World, make sure you are prepared. We have some EPCOT tips & park information that should help.

Epcot Map

First you should know about the layout of EPCOT.

Epcot is currently under renovation and when it is finished, it will be divided into four neighborhoods: World Celebration, World Nature and World Discovery and World Showcase. Each space will be filled with new rides & attractions.

Until then, you will find Epcot divided into Future World & World Showcase.

Mission Space Ride

Future World

Great Rides & Attractions to Enjoy in Future World

Spaceship Earth takes you on a journey through the evolution of societies greatest achievements.

Mission Space allows you to feel what its like to travel in space as you travel on a space mission!

Test Track gives you a chance to develop your own car and then race it against others to see how well it stacks up!

Innoventions is where you will find Colortopia, a color lab where you can learn all about the different colors of the rainbow.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a ride where you will go on an adventure with Nemo inside a clamshell. When you finish, you can spend time exploring the Coral Reef.

Soarin’ Around the World takes you on a high flying journey to different parts of the world where all your senses will be in overdrive!

Journey into the Imagination with Figment is a ride through a sensory lab where Figment shows up and creates mischief.

Pixar Short Film Festival is where you can find a small theater where you can enjoy watching many Pixar short films. Mickey Mouse makes a surprise appearance at the end!

World Showcase

Mexico Pavilion

Mexico Pavilion

Gran Fiesta tour. Go on a search for Donald Duck with 2 of the 2 cabarellos, Panchito (the Mexican charro rooster) and José Carioca (the Brazilian parrot).

“Remember Me!” – La Celebración del Día de Muertos exhibit. Learn about the Day of the Dead holiday and see scenes from Pixar’s Coco.

Norway Pavilion

Frozen Ever After. This is one of the most popular rides in Epcot. Take a journey to Arendale to visit Elsa and see some of her friends along the way!

Royal Sommerhus. If you want to meet Anna & Elsa, this is where you will find them.

China Pavilion in World Showcase

China Pavilion

Reflections of China takes you on a 14 minute journey to see parts of China you might not otherwise see.

Jeweled Dragons Acrobatics is a wonderful show that showcases talented acrobat artists from China.

Germany Pavilion

Germany Pavilion

The Pavilion doesn’t feature any attraction or ride, but does have great places to eat and unique shops selling delicious caramel treats, Christmas ornaments and Beer Steins.

Italy Pavilion at Epcot

Italy Pavilion

The pavilion doesn’t feature any rides or attractions but you may see Sergio, the mime & juggler perform if you are there at the right time. There are also some great restaurants and stores that sell glass, jewelry and Venetian style masks.

American Adventure Pavilion in EPCOT

American Adventure

Colonial theater Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain walk you through American history using 35 animatronic figures from history.

You may also enjoy listening to the singing of the Voices of Liberty inside the pavilion. They put on 15 minute performances throughout the day.

Japanese Pavilion

Japan Pavilion

There are no rides & attractions in Japan Pavilion, but they have some unique shops and great places to eat including Tepan Ido which is a Hibachi Style restaurant.

Morocco Pavilion in Epcot

Morocco Pavilion

There are no rides & attractions in the pavilion, but you should take your time to walk around. There is plenty to see!

France Pavilion in Epcot

France Pavilion

Beauty & the Beast Singalong Visit a French cinema for a 15-minute film featuring songs from the animated classic, Beauty and the Beast.

Impressions de France. Watch a 18 minute video that transports you to some of the most famous landmarks in France.

UK Pavilion in the World Showcase

UK Pavilion

While there are no rides, attractions or restaurants, there are some places to grab a pint or some fish & chips. There are also plenty of great shops including a Tea Store, Toy Store and Store specializing in Soccer gear.

Canada Pavilion in Epcot


Canada Far & Wide. Explore Canada in a newly-updated edition of the classic Epcot Circle-Vision 360 presentation

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