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Anna and Elsa Disney World Meet & Greet Location

Meeting Anna and Elsa in Epcot Norway Pavilion

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If you are looking forward to meeting Anna and Elsa, Walt Disney World has only one place where you can meet them. While you can see them in the Magic Kingdom Parade and on the Ride in Epcot, the only place to actually visit with these two is at their Sommerhus.

Anna and Elsa Disney World Meet & Greet Location

The Norway Pavilion is home not only to a Frozen inspired ride, Frozen Ever After, it is where you will find Anna and Elsa’s Royal Sommerhus.

Before the Anna & Elsa Disney World meet & greet, you get to walk through their summer home.

Royal Sommerhus

Their summer the cabin is where the Anna & Elsa’s family would vacation when they want to get away from the cold.

Inside Royal Sommerhus

It is cozy and full of their personal belongings and makes you feel like you have stepped right into part of the animated film.

Interior Anna & Elsa's House

It is exactly as you would expect their home to be.

Olaf Painting

Images of Anna & Elsa are scattered throughout the summer house. You will see their images on paintings, toys and in wood carvings.

Summer Home of Anna and Elsa

You will find Rosemaling patterns through out the home and tons of Norwegian tapestries and hand-carved wooden objects.

Anna and Elsa Meet & Greet

Meeting Elsa

The highlight of going to the Royal Summerhus is, of course, meeting Anna and Elsa.

You will meet each Princess separately and they are dressed just as they are in the popular animated movie.

If you want to engage them in a fun conversation, be sure to ask about Olaf, Sven and Kristoff!

Wandering Reindeer Store

Best Place to Shop for Frozen Merchandise

After your Anna and Elsa Disney World meet & greet, you will end up in The Wandering Reindeer.

Anna Frozen Souvenirs

This is the best place to shop for Frozen Merchandise.

You’ll find plenty of Anna & Elsa dress up clothes, dolls and a sleigh full of plush Olaf, Sven and Trolls!

If meeting Anna & Elsa is on your list of things to do at Disney World, then make sure you make your way to the Epcot Norway Pavilion.

Have you had a chance to meet Anna & Elsa at their Royal Sommerhus? What is your favorite part?

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