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Journey of Water: Inspired by Moana Attraction in EPCOT

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana is an interactive attraction at EPCOT that walks guests through the water cycle from a tiny stream to the vast ocean, teaching guests about the importance of protecting our natural resources. It is one of the newest attractions at EPCOT and is already a fan favorite!

The Journey of Water at EPCOT

Wondering what you can expect? We’ve been and found it to be a wonderful experience!

The journey begins at a small waterfall, representing the start of a water cycle.

As guests move through the walkway, they will find different paths either allowing them to be close to water, or to view it from a distance.

By being closer to the water, you will have a greater chance of getting wet.

The path closer to the water encourages them to interact with the water pouring through the rock formation.

By touching the “strings” of water, guests can manipulate sound. Each “string” of water plays a different musical note.

The next area features water playfully jumping from place to place.

Guests can watch how water moves gracefully from one area to the next before heading to a place where they can learn how to manipulate and control the water with their hands, just like Moana.

This section of the Moana attraction allows guests to force water to rise based on where their hands are placed over the spring.

The higher the hands, the higher the fountain of water rises.

After playing with water, guests can walk through a waterfall that magically stops as soon as they walk underneath.

Te Fiti at EPCOT

This takes guests to Te Fiti who is lovingly looking over a pool of water as waterfalls and dancing fountains spill into it.

It makes the perfect backdrop for selfies and family photos!

As you pass Te Fiti, guests learn about the power of water.

There is a river rapidly carrying water from one section to the next, water fountains passing water overhead, culminating in an interactive feature that allows guests to collaboratively work together to help the water reach the sky!

Journey of Water: Moana Attraction at EPCOT

The Journey of Water at EPCOT is just one of Disney World’s many educational attractions.

It does a wonderful job of encouraging guests to become more mindful and responsible stewards of our planet’s most precious resource – water in a fun and interactive way.

Where is Journey of Water at EPCOT?

Guests can find Journey of Water behind Spaceship Earth and directly across from The Seas with Nemo & Friends & Coral Reef restaurant.

It is a great activity to do as soon as you arrive at EPCOT since it is so close to the park entrance. Just take the far right path after you pass Spaceship Earth.

Moana Meet & Greet at Epcot

Moana Meet & Greet at EPCOT

Looking for Moana? There is a NEW Moana meet and greet right next to Journey of Water at EPCOT!

This shady area is perfect for a Moana meet & greet because it ensures great photos without having to squint!

Be sure to check the Disney App for times she is there and if you miss seeing her, you can also find her in Animal Kingdom at Character Landing.

Looking for other characters to meet at EPCOT? Check out our EPCOT Character Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Journey of Water at EPCOT a ride?

No, Journey of Water, inspired by Moana is a walk-through attraction.

Will I get wet at Journey of Water?

Yes, there is a chance that you will get wet, especially if you choose to interact with water.

Is Journey of Water accessible by wheelchair?

Yes, Journey of Water has a dry paved path that can be accessed by those using a wheelchair.

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