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EPCOT Moana Journey of Water Walk Through

Located in World Nature at EPCOT, Moana Journey of Water takes visitors on an immersive experience to learn about the importance of water! You will even get to meet the Wayfinder from Motunui nearby!

Moana Attraction at EPCOT

EPCOT Moana Journey of Water Walk Through

As soon as you enter Journey of Water, you will feel as though you have arrived at Motunui.

The self-guided exploration trail begins with guests being able to manipulate sound by placing their hands under the cascading water.

Next, guests can watch as water continues to move rhythmically across the land through streams and jumping fountains.

The magical encounters continue as visitors walk through waterfalls that seemingly vanish before they get wet and discover water’s playful personality as they are able to manipulate it by their own body movement.

In essence, guests learn to harness the power of water just like Moana does in the animated movie.

Along the way, guests will encounter Te Fiti, which is just as beautiful as in the movie.

EPCOT does a wonderful job of allowing guests to learn about the global water cycle through play.

With each stop, there are plaques that explain the importance of water to our global community and how to protect this precious natural resource for generations to come.

Where is Journey of Water Located?

The easiest way to get to Journey of Water from the front of the park is to walk past Spaceship Earth on the right.

There is a pathway that lands you in World Nature with Journey of Water on your left and Nemo & Friends on the right.

Before You Go

  • There are two paths you can take, a path that will keep you dry and one where you may get wet.
  • Wheelchair access is available on the dry path only.
  • Service animals must remain on the dry path.
  • Some experiences can close during inclement weather.
Moana meet & greet at EPCOT

Moana Meet & Greet at EPCOT

Moana makes an appearance at World Nature from time to time.

Be on the lookout for her near the entrance to Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana!

If you miss seeing her at this location, she also can be found in Animal Kingdom.

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