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15 Magic Kingdom Tips (You Will Want to Know)

List of 15 Magic Kingdom Tips

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There is nothing quite like walking into Magic Kingdom for the first time.  You can feel the excitement in the air.  Magic Kingdom is the most crowded park in all of Walt Disney World and this can cause some park guests to be overwhelmed. 

We don’t want you to be overwhelmed. We want you to be able to have the best trip to Magic Kingdom ever!  That is why we are going to share some of our most popular Magic Kingdom tips. 

These are things that seasoned Disney guests are aware of but the general public might know about.  

15 Magic Kingdom Tips You Will Want to Know

1 . There are NO discounts for single day tickets to Magic Kingdom. One of the best Magic Kingdom tips I can give you about saving money is to go to the Disney parks for multiple days and to buy your tickets through a reputable ticket broker.

2. You can bring food & drink into the Magic Kingdom with you in soft coolers or in your backpack.  They do no allow hard coolers.

3. You cannot bring selfie-sticks into the park. Your bags will be searched when you arrive and the selfie stick will be taken from you. Do yourself a favor and leave it in the car or at home!

Know Which Line to get in at Disney

4. There is a separate line for paper tickets & MagicBands. There is even a separate line for guests who are annual pass holders! Be sure you know which lines are which.

Typically paper tickets are on the far left and annual pass holders will have a sign directing them where to go. If you can’t tell, you can ask a Disney cast member.

5. You don’t have to stay at a Disney Resort to use Magic Bands at Magic Kingdom. While you will have to purchase one, it will last for years. Just link your tickets to the MagicBand using the My Disney Experience App.

6. Water is FREE at all of the Disney parks! Just go to a quick service restaurant or food kiosk and request an ice water and you will be presented one for no charge!

Walk Through Cinderella's Castle

7. You CAN walk THROUGH Cinderella’s Castle. In fact, I think you should!  Most people just walk around it, but there are some really cool things to see inside!

8. If you are purchasing souvenirs at Magic Kingdom, you don’t have to carry them around all day. You can request pick up at park entrance OR if you are staying at a Disney resort, they will deliver to the resort.

9. One way to get into a park before general public and avoid lines is to book an early morning breakfast at a table service restaurant. The three favorites at Magic Kingdom are Cinderella’s Royal Table, Crystal Palace and Be Our Guest.

10. You can get free Pixie Dust at the Barber Shop on Main Street USA.

11. There are normally two night parades. The second one is MUCH LESS crowded.

Cinderella Welcome Show

12. It is worth getting to Magic Kingdom before it opens to see the Cinderella Castle Stage Show.  It gets you close to Fantasyland and really gets you in the Disney spirit!

13. You can take the monorail from Magic Kingdom over to Polynesian, Grand Floridian & Contemporary resort for free. Be sure to venture over there during Christmas when each resort features something special for the holidays.

14. The stores on Main Street USA are connected so there is no need to walk outside. 

This can really help you when it rains or when you are trying to get around when the parade is going down Main Street USA. 

15. One of my favorite Magic Kingdom tip to share is to look for the hidden gems found in Magic Kingdom. Not everyone knows about them and they can make your trip even more magical!

We hope you enjoy these Magic Kingdom tips and that you have a wonderful time at the park!

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