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What to Wear to Disney World in Florida

When planning a trip to Disney World, one of the first things that comes to mind is what to wear. With so many different activities and attractions in the park, it’s important to dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. We have some tips on what to wear to Disney World in Florida

What to Wear to Disney World in Florida

Disney World is a large and busy theme park, which means you’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing throughout the day.

This makes comfort a top priority when deciding what to wear.

Choose clothing that allows for easy movement and won’t cause any discomfort or irritation. Avoid tight or restrictive clothing, as well as uncomfortable shoes that may cause blisters.

Disney Outfit for Epcot

Here are our choices when it comes to dressing for Disney World:

1. Disney Themed T-Shirt

When it comes to clothes for Disney World, the best choice you can make is choosing a top that is not only comfortable but breathable.

For this reason, we think that cotton t-shirts are the best things to wear to Disney World.

Choose 100% cotton or a cotton blend because the fabric is lightweight and it dries easily.

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Choose a design that reflects Disney World as a whole, the park you are visiting or a character that you love.

You can also opt for family shirts for Disney where everyone wears the same one in same color or similar ones in different colors!

If you are going to Disney World in summer & willing to go sleeveless, a tank top t-shirt is even better to wear to Disney World.

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The point of wearing a tee shirt is to make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

You will find plenty of Disney-themed t-shirts on the market. One of our favorite places to find unique Disney shirts is on Etsy.

2. Shorts

Do yourself a favor and make sure that you are wearing shorts to Disney World.

Shorts allow you maximum comfort because they are not restrictive allowing your legs to breathe as needed.

Choose lightweight cotton shorts or athletic shorts.

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The color of the shorts isn’t as important as the color of the shirt since you will be on your feet and the shorts will not soak in the sunshine like a t-shirt will.

If you are planning to go to Disney World in the winter months, you might find that the temperatures at Disney World cool off in the evenings.

I would recommend you pack a pair of lightweight pants or Disney leggings in your Disney day bag to change into.

Any other time of the year, the evenings don’t cool off enough to warrant a change.

Whatever you do, don’t wear a dress or a skirt unless you don’t plan on riding rides.

A dress might be cute for instagram photos, but you won’t be able to ride certain rides, like TRON or Flight of Passage very easily!

Worried that wearing shorts might cause your thighs to chafe? Use a BODYGLIDE stick.

These things are amazing and prevent chaffing and aggravated skin by creating a waterproof barrier.

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They even have GLIDE sticks for your feet so your shoes don’t give you blisters

What Shoes I wear to Disney

3. Comfortable Walking Shoes

If you don’t follow any other advice that I give you, follow this one: Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Chances are that you will be on your feet for at least 12 hours.

The last thing you are going to want to have happen is that your feet and legs give out before you are ready to be done for the day.

Shoes are important because if your feet aren’t happy, the rest of your body won’t be.

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I have tried flip-flops, sandals, Crocs and sneakers. Sneakers are the only shoes that can withstand walking on HOT pavement from early in the morning to late at night.

Not only do the shoes you wear to Disney need to be comfortable, they need to be able to allow your feet to breathe.

Choose a shoe with fabric that not only expands as your feet do, but has lightweight fabric or venting so that you get some relief.

4. Hands Free Bag

Our top pick of what to bring to Disney is a backpack. A backpack allows you to carry all of your theme park essentials along with having your hands free.

Choose a backpack that is lightweight and has plenty of pockets to fit your must-have items for a day at the Disney parks.

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If you absolutely must have a purse while you are in Disney World, I do suggest you bring a small crossbody bag.

You do not want to hassle with a shoulder bag at Disney.

Our top pick for a cross-body bag to wear to Disney is the Vera Bradley hipster bag.

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This bag is super light and has just the right amount of space for small things like your ID, credit cards and phone plus other things like chapstick and Kleenex.

Another great option for a bag to bring to the Disney parks is a fanny pack.

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Choose one that can be worn as a traditional fanny pack on your hip, or can be slung over your shoulder or across your chest like a crossbody.

5. Disney Ears

When visiting Disney, it is essential to show your Disney spirit!

One of the best ways to do that is to don a set of Minnie Ears or a Mickey Mouse hat!

While you can wait to purchase them in the park, there are plenty to be found online.

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You can find them on ShopDisney, but there are some really cute one-of-a-kind Minnie Ears on Etsy.

There are so many cute sets of Minnie Ears that can really showcase your personality.

When it comes to what to wear to Disney World, the key is to dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather and activities. While you have many options on what to wear to Disney World, we feel like these 5 items truly are essential.

Do you have a favorite outfit to wear to Disney World in Florida?

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