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Disney World Tips for First Timers

Disney World Tips for First Timers

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When preparing for your first trip to Disney World, you are probably not sure where to begin. With all the information out there, it can easily be overwhelming. We have several Disney World Tips for first timers.

These are things that the seasoned Disney traveler already knows, but that isn’t always common knowledge to vacationers at large.

A good start would be reading this guide to planning a Disney vacation.

You’ll find tons of tips on everything from the best time to go to Disney World to which resort if the best choice for your family.

Other than that, these are 10 tips that should help you with your trip planning.

10 Disney World Tips for First Timers

1. Book your FastPasses in advance

Learn everything thing there is to know about the Disney Fastpass system before you go to the parks so you can know how to use the system to your advantage.

2. Purchase these items before you leave.

There are a few things you might want to purchase before your first trip to Disney World.

These are things that will make your trip extra special!

3. Leave the Selfie Sticks at Home

Disney World does not allow selfie sticks in any of the parks.

If you bring one into the park, they will take it and you can pick it up when you leave.

4. You Don’t NEED a Fancy Camera

Your cellphone will work just as fine.

And even if you don’t want to use your cellphone, Disney cast members will take photos for you and upload them to your Disney My Experience account!

First Visit Disney pin

5. Get Your Free Disney Pin

Since it is your first time at Disney World, you will want to pick up a FREE First Time Visit Disney pin.

Having this pin will make sure you get treated like a true Disney prince or princess.

6. Pack a Poncho

It rains almost every afternoon in Florida. Be prepared and bring a poncho!

Wondering what else you should pack?

We have a list for the things you’ll want to pack in your Disney day bag.

7. Book a Character Meal

A great way to meet characters without having to stand in a line is by booking a Disney Character meal.

There are many to choose from, but these character meals are our favorites.

8. Choose the Right Restaurants

You might not realize this, but Disney has some really great restaurants.

Wondering which ones you should prioritize?

We have a list of the best restaurants at Walt Disney World.

9. There is more to the Parks than Rides

If you are traveling with people who don’t particularly care for rides, don’t worry.

There is plenty for them to do at Disney World.

10. Budget for Souvenirs

I am sure it is hard to think about souvenir shopping before you even leave for vacation, BUT know that there are going to be a ton of shops with all sorts of merchandise.

These are a few things that we think you might want to take home with you to remind you of your first time at Disney World.

Disney World Parks

We hope that your first trip to Disney World is magical and that you make lots of memories.

For those of you who frequent Disney, do you have any Disney World tips for first timers to share?

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