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10 Disney World Souvenirs to Consider Buying

One of the joys of going to Disney World is being able to bring a part of that Disney magic home with you. If you are looking for some ideas on what you might want to purchase while you are at the parks, we have a list of what we believe to be the BEST Disney World Souvenirs.

10 Best Disney World Souvenirs

10 Disney World Souvenirs to Consider Buying

You are going to find many different Disney souvenirs and it is going to be hard to just choose one.

This list takes into account that you may want to purchase a few different things so nothing on our list is more than $40 and most items are less than $20.

1. Pressed Pennies

Pressed pennies only cost $1 each or you can get a collection of 8 for $5. Pressed Penny Machines can be found throughout the Disney parks, resorts and you can even find them at Disney Springs.

Each kiosk has several different Disney souvenir pennies to choose from that feature different Disney characters.

Disney Pressed Penny Book

If you are thinking about collecting Disney Pressed Pennies, you can find Pressed Penny books at most of the gift shops inside the parks.

Disney Charmed in the Park Prices

2. Disney Charm Bracelets

One of our favorite Disney World souvenirs are Disney charm bracelets.

You can purchase either a charm bracelet or a necklace and add as many single charms (priced individually) as you would like.

Mickey Mouse Charms

With dozens of charms to choose from,  you can create a bracelet that showcases all the things you love about Disney World!

Disney Trading Pins on Board

3. Disney Trading Pins

Kids love collecting and trading pins in the Disney parks and they are probably one of their favorite Disney souvenirs.

You can choose pins marking your favorite ride or special occasion.

Individual pins can cost between $6-15 dollars each so they are very affordable in comparison to other souvenir options.

To get the most bang for your buck, you can purchase a mystery pack that contain more than one pin.

You won’t know what pin you will get, but half the fun is trading them anyway!

Disney Hats & Minnie Ears

4. Disney Hats

Many first time visitors to Disney buy the traditional Mickey Mouse ears. 

They are super cute, but if you want something to really showcase your personality, consider buying a set of themed Mickey Ears.

You will find a wide array of different styles throughout each of the Disney parks. 

One of the best places to find Disney hats and Minnie ears is at The Chapeau on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom.

Disney Home in Downtown Disney
Courtesy Disneyland

5. Kitchenware

There are a few things that I use all the time, my Mickey cookie cutters and silicone molds.

These types of items make great souvenirs because you can take a little bit of that Disney magic that you had on your trip and bring it home with you!

While many different stores carry Disney kitchenware, my favorite store to find unique Mickey Mouse kitchen gear is Mickey’s Pantry in Disney Springs.

Disney World Print

6. Disney Prints

Each Disney Resort sells beautifully prints featuring different aspects of that resort. 

It is by far, the BEST Disney World souvenir because it is something you can hang on the wall and enjoy every day!

For under $30, these are great for those who want to build a collection or just add a little bit of Disney to your home.

Disney Coffee Mugs

7. Disney Coffee Mugs

You can find some Disney themed mugs in other places, but you can only find Disney World Starbucks mugs at the park.

Each park in Disney World has a Starbucks with its own special Starbucks Mug.

Tower of Terror Starbucks Coffee Mug

There are also Walt Disney World Starbucks mugs and tumblers at all four theme parks Starbucks locations.

Disney Alex & Ani Bracelets

8. Alex & Ani Bracelets

Alex & Ani Disney Bracelets come in so many styles and this is true for their Disney collection as well. 

Reasonably priced for their quality, you will find bracelets featuring Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella castle and more. 

Alex & Ani Stackable Disney Bracelets

Because these bracelets are meant to be stacked, you may find yourself purchasing a few. 

You will find them in several stores, but World of Disney Store in Disney Springs has the best selection.

Disney Christmas Ornaments for 2018

9. Disney Ornaments

No matter which park you go to, you will have no problem finding Disney ornaments!

Disney Christmas Ornaments

You can choose your favorite character, resort or even ornaments that focus on something you love like a sport or activity!

Some people get a Disney ornament that has the year they went to Disney. Each time you see it, you are sure to remember your trip.

You will find a great selection of Disney ornaments in Ye Olde Christmas Shop in Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs.

Disney Silhouette Portrait Kiosk
Courtesy Disney

10. Disney Silhouette

One of the most popular things to do at Magic Kingdom is getting a Disney silhouette done on Main Street USA.

These portraits are something you will cherish for years to come and because they are so well done, they are a beautiful piece of artwork you can put anywhere in your home. 

No matter what you choose to bring home from the park, do yourself and get something besides a t-shirt that you might outgrow or wear out. 

Making memories at Disney World is a special occasion and you should bring something back with you to remind you of all the fun you had!

What are your favorite Disney Souvenirs?

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Tuesday 22nd of December 2020

Hi the Disney sihouuette is a great long time souvenir we have them from the time my boys were small to this year we had them done with our mask on and what a great and happy reminder of 2020


Friday 17th of July 2020

My sister & I always purchase photo albums. They have beautiful colorful colors including the year. We fill them with all the great pictures we take. The year on the front of each album helps to keep our vacations there separate & makes it easy when looking for a particular photo!! WE also like purchasing art from Disney...not the super expensive art but the prints on canvas. There’s so many different to choose from & add color & fun to our homes, while bringing back memories. And finally a new baseball cap each trip is a must!


Friday 27th of December 2019

We like collecting keychains, we use them on our Christmas tree.


Monday 3rd of June 2019

My daughters favorite souvenir is the popcorn buckets! Fun to feel a little magic throughout the year.

Michelle Beeson

Wednesday 9th of January 2019

I like to get a glass with my name etched on it! I use mine all the time!

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