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Guide to Collecting Disney Pressed Pennies

Guide to Collecting Disney Pressed Pennies

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If you are looking for an inexpensive souvenir to bring back from your Disney vacation, consider collecting Disney Pressed Pennies. For only 51¢, you can get a penny that has been pressed into the design of a Disney character, Theme Park Ride, Attraction or Resort.

Each Disney Pressed Penny machine has a choice of three possibilities, and there are hundreds of machines all over Walt Disney World property!

This makes collecting Disney Pressed Pennies fun because you can collect on one trip or over many trips to Disney.

Pressed Penny Limited Edition
Pressed Penny Machine in Star Wars Store in Disney Springs

New Disney Pressed Penny machines have started to pop up in Walt Disney World.

These machines have the ability to take credit cards. For these newer Pressed Penny machines, you will pay $1 per penny or can purchase the entire set for $5 (making each pin cheaper).

Pressed Pennies to Collect at Disney

Where Can you Find Disney Pressed Pennies?

  • Disney World parks. Pressed Penny Machines are usually placed in the gift shop and near exit points of rides and attractions.
  • Disney Resorts. They are often located near restaurants, open hallways and near check-in desks.
  • Disney Springs. You will find them in stores like Once Upon a Toy, World of Disney and Disney Marketplace.
  • Disney Mini Golf Courses .Each mini-golf location has a machine near their snack area
  • Disney Cruise Ships. At Port Canaveral, you will be able to find a machine in the lobby area.
  • Disney Wild World of Sports. Look for a machine in the gift shop.
  • Orlando International Airport. Only one place here, Disney’s Earport.

Collecting Disney pressed pennies is a great way to document your favorite parts of your Disney trip.

You might collect pressed pennies of a favorite character, or maybe you could get one from your favorite rides.

Any way you slice it, it is one of the most affordable souvenirs you can get!

Pressed Penny Book at Disney

Those looking to collect Pressed Pennies at Disney World, can find Disney Pressed Penny collector books located at the register in most Disney gift shops.

This booklet has 65 pockets: eight for coins to be pressed (so you can store money for future pennies), 48 for pressed pennies, and nine for pressed quarters (yes, they have those at the parks too).

Another cool way to display your pins is with this PennyBandz Bracelet.

You can choose your favorite pressed penny to display (and it can be changed out each day of your trip if you would like).

It even glows in the dark which is even more fun for being at the parks at night!

Are you collecting pressed pennies at Disney World?

Check out the Pressed Penny bracelet one Disney fan made after collecting pressed pennies at Disney.

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Stephanie Cameron

Sunday 11th of November 2018

Actually Disney is phasing out the machines that take coins. They are replacing them with machines that now, for that same penny, you’ll pay $1 for one. Or $5 for a “set” that is from the same machine and a certain theme. For example, the old machines normally have anywhere from 4-6 designs that you can choose from, so right outside of the Buzz Lightyear ride (Magic Kingdom) you’ll find an old machine that has Jesse, Buzz, Woody, Lotso and Bullet for the $0.51 each. BUT at the end of the aforementioned ride inside the building is one of the new machines and you can pay (with your credit card because it no longer takes coins - not sure if it takes bills) $1 for your pick of 1 coin or $5 for the set of 8 coins all with different designs. So that popular $0.51 “cheapest” souvenir has now become $0.63 (if you pay the $5 and get all 8) or $1 a piece. Still by far the cheapest Disney souvenir but at a little higher cost than before. The old machines are not completely phased out yet so when you find them take advantage because they won’t be around very much longer.

This is personal experience from our recent vacation there on October 27th thru November 4th, 2018. Just thought I’d pass it along.


Sunday 11th of November 2018

Thanks for the heads up. I didn't see these back in the Spring, so they must be new. I'll be in Disney World next week and will keep my eye out for the new ones. Sad to see this change, but I understand Disney trying to take advantage of eliminating the needing to provide change for those looking to collect and not having exact coins.


Saturday 10th of November 2018

Bring a ton of change

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