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Princess Fairytale Hall Meet & Greet in Magic Kingdom

Princess Fairytale Hall Meet & Greet in Magic Kingdom

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If you are looking to meet Disney Princesses at Magic Kingdom, one of the places you will find them is in Princess Fairytale Hall. Princess Fairytale Hall features four Disney Princesses for meet & greets and there is usually FastPasses available to skip the line.

Entrance to Fairytale Hall in Magic KingdomYou will find Fairytale Hall located inside of Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom.The facade of the hall looks like an extension of Cinderella’s castle with stone walls and stained glass windows.

When you arrive, you notice that there are two separate entrances to Princess Fairytale Hall, one to the left, the other to the right. Each will give you the option of meeting two princesses.

You will know which ones are there by looking for the signs in front of each line.

Disney Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom

Currently, the choices are Cinderella & Princess Elena OR Rapunzel & Tiana.

The princesses do change out from time to time, so be sure to check your Disney guide to see who is available on the day you are at the park.

Princess Portrait GalleryWhen you walk through the line, the entryway opens to a large Royal Gallery featuring columns and portraits of all the Disney princesses.

As you pass through the hall, guests will have a short waiting time before being ushered into the Princesses royal chambers.

Each chamber features a large framed painting of a fairytale landscape with a table with a set of bound leather storybooks. You will easily notice that the fairytales are written in their original language.

Where to Meet Disney Princesses at Disney World

The lines can be very long for Princess Fairytale Hall, so you may want to use the Fastpass+ system. The only downside to using the FastPass+ System is that you bypass the Royal Hall that features the Princess Portraits.

I think this is one of the great features of the meet & greet and hate that those who use FastPasses don’t get to enjoy the beautiful artwork!

Have you had a chance to go to the Princess Fairytale Hall Meet & Greet? If not, what princess would you most hope to meet?

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