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Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats on Disney Dream

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Vanellope's Sweet & TreatsWhile you can get all the free ice cream you can eat on a Disney Cruise, sometimes you crave something a little different. Maybe you even begin to crave treats like you get at a Disney theme park. Well, now you can get anything from Caramel Apples to a Mickey cupcake at Vanellope’s Sweet & Treats on board the Disney Dream Cruise ShipInside Vanelope's Sweet and Treats on the Disney Dream

Vanellope’s takes you straight into the whimsical candy land of the Sugar Rush race car game in “Wreck-It Ralph.” You will find Vanellope’s race car, gas pump-style gumball dispensers and other fun details.

Get your picture by the sculpture of King Candy on his winner’s pedestal or with Vanellope hanging upside down in the Candy Cane Forest.

Be sure too look for a sleeping Sour Bill who occasionally wakes from a nap inside a gum ball dispenser to say something sour.

Treats at Vanellope's Sweets & TreatsGoodies you can get at Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats:

  • Candy Apples
  • Caramel Apples
  • Krispy Rice Treats
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Short Bread Cookies
  • Cookie Pops
  • Fudge
  • Cake Pops
  • Cup Cakes
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Macaroons
  • Truffles
  • Brownies
  • Marshmallow Wand

Candy Bar at Vanellope's

There is also a full on candy bar with self serve candy by the pound, pre-bagged candy.  

There is also a full Gelato and Sundae bar!  More than 20 gelato and 16 ice cream flavors are served, with different options handcrafted daily. 

You will also find whipped cream, sauces and fruit compotes and many selections of toppings.

The Vanellope Sundae on Disney Dream

Courtesy Disney Cruise Line

Signature sundaes include Vanellope Von Schweetz’s Race Kart Sundae, served in Vanellope’s very own race car, and Ralph’s Family Challenge Sundae, presented in a trophy cup and made with eight heaping scoops of ice cream, meant for the family to share.

While there are plenty of things you can get for Free on a Disney Cruise, this is not one of them. Prices at Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats are comparable to those at the bakeries in the Disney World theme parks.

With all these delicious goodies to choose from at Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats, deciding can be hard. Which would you choose?

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