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Types of Disney Cruise Line Staterooms

Types of Disney Cruise Staterooms

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When you begin planning your Disney Cruise, beside choosing the date & destination of your cruise, you will need to decide on a stateroom. There are four different categories of Disney Cruise Line Staterooms (and 10 types of rooms including handicap accessible staterooms) to choose from.

For first time cruisers, it can be hard to understand the differences in the rooms.

While all stateroom are a bit different based on category & type, you will be able to find that they do have many things in common.

Types of Disney Cruise Staterooms

Interior Room on Disney magic

Interior Stateroom

This means that you will have no view of the ocean.

It is the smallest & most affordable of the Disney Cruise Line staterooms.

Standard interior rooms do not have the split bathrooms that exterior staterooms have.

Magic Port Hole on Disney Dream & Fantasy

Interior staterooms on the Disney Dream & Fantasy have a virtual porthole which is really cool!

One of the benefits (besides price) is that interior rooms usually do not have as much sway as other rooms because of where they are located on the ship.

Another perk is that you will no light to wake you in the morning, so you can sleep in as long as you would like without having any natural sunlight letting you know it is morning.

Disney Dream Room with a View

Oceanview Stateroom

With this type of stateroom, you will have a view of the ocean, but the window will not open.

There is usually a window seat area so that you can sit & enjoy the view. There are curtains for you to close when you need to have less light or need to get some sleep.

If you tend to get sea sick, having a view of the water may help curtail the symptoms as it is said to help your brain deal with balancing the equilibrium.

Disney Cruise Line Veranda room Deluxe

Verandah Stateroom*

Not only will you have a view of the ocean, you will get a small seating area outside of the stateroom.  

We always like this room because of the “extra” outdoor square footage.

Each room has a door that can be propped open to let in fresh air.

Another perk to having a veranda room is that you can place your wet swimwear out to dry.

The Family Deluxe Verandah Rooms with are a bit larger and give you extra seating!

 If you choose this room, you will find that it not only features a couch (that turns into a bed), but also has a chair. The extra seating is a nice addition.

Concierge Stateroom on Disney Dream

Concierge Stateroom

Talk about luxurious. These fancy Disney Cruise line staterooms have a separate bedroom area, private balcony and have their own private lounge area that is packed with cold water and snacks.

This extra space is great for big families who aren’t easily confined to one small room.

The private lounge gives you a quiet space to get away (without having to be far from your own stateroom).

Inside your desk on Disney Cruise

What You’ll Find in Disney Cruise Line Staterooms:

  • Split bathrooms (in most staterooms) and privacy curtain between bed & bunks
  • Throw Blanket
  • FREE H20 Plus toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner & lotion)
  • Post Cards & Note paper
  • A refrigerator
  • A hairdryer
  • Television
  • Housekeeping services twice a day (morning; typically before lunch & evening turn down service)
Two NEW Disney Cruise Ships

*When trying to determine which cruise fits in your budget, you may find that there is only a small price difference between the inside cabins and those with a balcony on the Disney Dream & Fantasy ships while a much larger price difference between that on the Magic & Wonder regardless of number of nights or destination.

This is because there are far less balcony rooms on the Magic and Wonder, causing them to be more expensive.

Have you been on a Disney Cruise? What Stateroom Type is your favorite?

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