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What to Expect on a Disney Cruise to Nassau, Bahamas

If you are taking one of the Disney Cruise to Nassau, you may be wondering what you will get to do. Disney Cruise has plenty of cruise excursions that you can book, but don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money to enjoy your time in the Bahamas.

What to Expect on a Disney Cruise to Nassau, Bahamas

What is there to do on a Disney Cruise to Nassau?

While you can certainly book an excursion through the cruise line, there are also several things you can do on your own while in Nassau.

Here are a few things you should consider experiencing while in Nassau:

Atlantis Bahamas Resort

One of the most popular things to do in Nassau is going out to Atlantis Resort for the day.

You can get an Atlantis day pass to experience all that they park has to offer.

Guests can spend the day touring the world’s largest open-air marine habitat and enjoy the Aquaventure water park.

Discover Atlantis Tour

Atlantis Cruise Excursions

  • Discover Atlantis: Take a 45-minute guided tour of the resort & visit the aquarium.
  • Swim in Wonder: Swim with Bottlenose dolphins.
  • Serenity Snorkel with Dolphins: Swim with Bottlenose dolphins and snorkel!
  • Snorkel the Ruins at Atlantis: 30-minute snorkel tour of the Ruins Lagoon.
  • Playtime with Sea Lions: Get some hands-on learning about sea lions.
  • Stingray Experience: Spend some time up close with Cownose stingrays.
Junkanoo Beach Bahamas

Nassau Beaches

If you just want to walk to the beach, then the closest beach is Junkanoo Beach.

This is a small beach but has plenty of food, drinks and public bathrooms.

Locals will offer to rent you beach chairs or you can just find an open spot on the beach to claim as your own.

If you want a larger beach, then you should grab a taxi driver and split the fare with others to Cabbage Beach.

This beach is larger than Junkanoo, and offers some food options and plenty of drinks.

If you are looking for a family-friendly beach in Nassau, than get a day pass to go to the private resort beaches at Cable Beach.

Most of the resorts have rates to use their beach and some even have a package deal that includes lunch.

Snorkeling in Nassau

Snorkeling in Nassau

There are several great spots to snorkel in Nassau and your best bet would be to book an excursion that includes snorkeling.

We’ve taken a few trips that stop at Pearl Island after snorkeling in a nearby reef that we’ve enjoyed.

Nassau has some beautiful coral reefs where you can see colorful fish and even sea turtles.

Pirate Museum in Nassau

Nassau Pirate Museum

You will notice that much of Nassau contains a pirate theme.

There is a reason for this, Nassau was taken over by English privateers in the 1700’s, and eventually, these privateers turned into lawless pirates.

You can learn all about Nassau’s pirate history in their Pirates of Nassau museum.

Tickets are available for discount online or onsite.

Bahamas Shopping

Shopping in Nassau

Nassau is known for its shopping. You will find cheap trinkets, handmade goods and high-end shopping all just blocks away from the cruise port in Nassau.

One of the more popular shops for those who are fans of Disney is Del Sol.

Del Sol sells items that change color (or add color) when out in the sun. They usually have quite a few Disney-themed items in the Nassau store.

If you like to barter, you will find that nearly all the t-shirt shops and stalls in the straw market will work with you.

Don’t take the first price they offer you and always ask for their best price. You will walk away saving if you do.

Disney Cruise at Port Nassau

Disney Cruise Ships that Go to Nassau

There are a few different ships in the Disney fleet that go to the Bahamas.

Depending on how many nights you want to cruise (3, 4, 5, & 6 nights) and where you want to port out of will determine what ship you will be able to take to Nassau.

Do you have any favorite things to do on a Disney Cruise to Nassau?

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