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5 Disney Dream Activities for Kids to Enjoy

All Disney cruise ships are pretty amazing and each has different features that sets it apart from the others in the fleet. Wondering what makes the Disney Dream so impressive? They have some great Disney Dream activities for kids.

These activities are things that all kids will enjoy regardless of their age.  This ship truly does have something for everyone!

Top 5 Disney Dream Activities for Kids

  1. Mickey’s Midship Detective Agency Game
  2. Aquaduck
  3. Funnel Vision Pool Side Movies
  4. Goofy Sports Deck
  5. Kids Clubs: Oceaneer Club & Lab, Edge & Vibe
Kids Midship Detective Agency Game

1. Mickey’s Midship Detective Agency Game

My kids had a blast with Mickey’s Midship Detective Agency Game on board the Disney Dream.

Disney Midship Detective Agency Scavenger Hunt Game

The interactive Mickey’s Midship Detective Agency Game is a game the kids can play while on the ship at their leisure during the course of the cruise.

They register (midship) and get a map and detective badge that helps them interact with artwork throughout the cruise ship.

Each Midship Detective Agency game has guests solve a mystery that involves Disney (or Muppet) characters and hidden clues.

The clues are attached to artwork that comes alive once their Detective badge is used.

Art comes alive with Mickey's Midship Detective Agency

The best part of this game is that kids/families can complete the game at their own pace while getting a chance to also explore the cruise ship.

2. Disney Aquaduck

With two pools and two slides, the kids will be busy on the main pool deck. One of the top Disney Dream activities for kids is the AquaDuck.

Two people can ride in a 2-seater inner tube on the 765-foot water-coaster ride that takes them on a fun (not scary) around the ship.

Disney Aquaduck

The AquaDuck is a one of a kind water ride that not only takes you around the ship but over the ocean for a brief period of time.

There is plenty of dips in this water-coaster that make it fun for young and older kids (and their parents too).

Slide on the Disney Dream

Kids will also enjoy the yellow slide that appears to be held in place by a giant Mickey Mouse hand!

Keep in mind, this slide is for kids only (up to 5’4).

Disney Cruise Movie Theater

3. Movies at the Buena Vista Theater

There is nothing quite like being able to see movies in Disney’s very own movie theater.

The Disney Dream plays many of the newest Disney movies as well as movies that are still showing at the Buena Vista Theater.

Movies now showing at Buena Vista Theater

You will find a list of them outside the theater each day or on your Disney Navigator App.

You can even get freshly popped popcorn to enjoy during the movie!

Sports on the Disney Dream

4. Goofy Sports Deck

When it comes to outdoor sporting activities, Disney Dream has quite a few!

Kids can play ping pong, shuffleboard, putt putt golf or play a game of basketball.

All of this is included in the price of your Disney cruise!

Oceaneer Lab on Disney Dream
Courtesy Disney

5. Kid & Youth Clubs

Kids will love all the cool games and learning programs at the Disney Oceaneer Club and Lab.

While kids can be dropped off, there are many hours when parents and kids can play together!

Toddler activities on the Disney Fantasy
Courtesy Disney

Disney’s Oceaneer Club allows kids ages 3 to 12 to interact in the magical lands of Disney fairies, life-size toys and courageous Super Heroes.

Star Wars at Oceaneer Club

The Disney Dream has a very cool Star Wars-themed play space in the Oceaneer Club.

Kids can pretend to fly the Millennium Falcon, play alongside R2D2 or just hang out in what looks like a spacecraft from the movies!

There is space to create art, work on science projects and even play games!

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Tips

There is so much to love about the Disney Dream activities for kids on the Disney Dream that it was hard to narrow my list down to just five!

Trust me, if you are looking for a cruise where your kids will have as much fun as the adults, the Disney Dream is the ship for you!

Have you been on the Disney Dream? What were your favorite kid activities on the Disney Dream?

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Monday 20th of January 2014

We are taking our granddaughters, 5&9, on the Dream in May. What kind of things did your kids do in Oceaneers Club/Lab? Did they get to make Flubber? Did you do the Detective Agency hunt?? I'm so excited for this cruise!

Thank you!


Saturday 1st of December 2012

Looks like a great family trip! We've been thinking about doing a Disney Cruise. My kids are 9 mos old and 3 yrs old. Do you know of any fun activities for them onboard?


Saturday 1st of December 2012

They have an enclosed water area with a Finding Nemo themes for little ones. There is also It's A Small World nursery for children ages 3 months to 3 years. It is $6 per hour for first child and $5 per hour for second child in the same family. Once they are 3, they can go to the Oceaneer club for FREE. They have everything from Dress Up, Storytime with Characters to Group game time with counselors.


Thursday 29th of November 2012

Thinking about a Disney Cruise for our family! Thanks so much for sharing your insights! Happy SITS day!!


Thursday 29th of November 2012

Great insights into what looks to be a great trip! Happy SITS day and thanks for sharing!!


Thursday 29th of November 2012

Great idea and blog, love the tips, you have a great blog for anyone wanting a Disney adventure. Happy SITS Day!

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