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What’s Coming to Walt Disney World

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What's Coming to Walt Disney WorldThere are many new things in the works for Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts! Some rides will be leaving, but not to worry, they will be replaced with some pretty cool new attractions. You will also find rides featured in other Disney parks coming to Walt Disney World, new themed resorts and new dining experiences.  

We can’t wait to share what’s coming to Walt Disney World in the next few years! There are going to be some awesome updates!

Here’s what’s coming to Walt Disney World

Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway

Courtesy Disney

The Great Movie ride has left the Chinese Theater in Hollywood Studios and will be replaced with Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction.  

The attraction will put you inside the cartoon short, where you will take an unpredictable ride with  twists and turns and special video that is said to be in 2.5 D. No glasses needed!

Meet Cruize RamirezLightning McQueen’s Racing Academy has been added near Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Here you will come face-to-face with racing legend Lightning McQueen, who is excited to showcase what he’s learned over the years with you – the next generation of rookie racers.

Of course, as Lightning McQueen has discovered throughout his career, things don’t always go according to plan, and he has to think fast to get back on course.

With friends Tow Mater, Cruz Ramirez and the gang from Radiator Springs on his side, Lightning gears up for the challenge.

A Tron attraction is coming to Tomorrowland right next to the Space Mountain attraction at Magic Kingdom.  

This will be similar to the TRON Light cycle Power Run attraction at Shanghai Disneyland  where you board a two-wheeled Light cycle and go on a roller coaster like journey into the world of Tron.

This isn’t expected to be opened until 2021.

Star Wars themed Resort at Disney

Courtesy Disney

There is going to be a Star Wars-themed resort that is completely immersive! This is going to pair great with Star Wars Land coming to Hollywood Studios.

The newest Disney Vacation Club Resort is Disney Riviera Resort.  This resort will feature roof-top restaurants with views of Epcot & Hollywood Studios night shows.

You can now dine with Snow White & Friends during Storybook Dining at Artist Point, in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Epcot will be having a HUGE overhaul in the upcoming years that will be done in stages.

Ellen’s Universe of Energy at Future World in Epcot is gone in preparation for a new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. I would imagine that with this new ride, we might also be seeing some meet & greets!

Ratatouille: The Adventure ride (like the one Disneyland Paris) will be coming to the World Showcase in France. We had the chance to ride this in Disneyland Paris and it was fun!  

This ride is a 4D experience where you are turned into a rat like Remy and go on a race through Gustau’s  Parisian restaurant.  

Not only will you wear 3-D glasses, but you will also be experiencing smells of Paris and twists and turns as you go on your journey.

There will be an Inside Out ride that will be take the place of Figment Journey into Imagination. We don’t know the details but it has been speculated that it will take you on a ride through the mind.

China Pavilion is getting a new Circle-Vision film with updates and France will be also getting an update for their movie.

Space themed restaurant in Disney

Courtesy Disney

There will be a new table service restaurant adjacent to Mission Space in Epcot that will have a Space theme.Discount Disney Tickets

What do you think about what’s coming to Walt Disney World? Anything you are really excited about? 

What's Coming to Walt Disney World

There are so many new things that have come to Disney World in the past year and even more to come. Take a look at some of the newest additions along with things that are in the works.

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Sunday 30th of September 2018

I’m upset about journey into imagination. It was my favorite ride as a child and my now 4 year old and I went on it more times than I can count last year because he loved it too. All of my kids have a stuffed figment. I really hope he stays.


Tuesday 11th of September 2018

We love all 4 parks and my 5 year old daughter absolutely loves Figment and always wants to go there multiple times each day we visit Epcot.


Sunday 19th of November 2017

I heard the Tiki Room at MK could potentially be transformed to house Moana full-time? Anything on this or her being a permanent resident anywhere?


Sunday 19th of November 2017

She was near the Tiki room for a short time during Halloween Party dates. We think that she might end up there for good in the spring. We'll update when we have confirmation.


Sunday 22nd of October 2017

I'm so upset that Figment could be going, he's one of my favourite attractions.


Friday 31st of August 2018

I’m also upset for the possible loss of figment. He has been my favorite since I was a child. Fingers crossed that he will stay in some fashion or another.


Sunday 29th of October 2017

I hear this so much. Figment is going to be missed by a lot of people. Hopefully, Disney will see this and bring him back in some fashion.

Bradford Fisher

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

I think Guardians of the Galaxy should be at Hollywood Studios and not Epcot it really doesn't fit the theme of Epcot.


Wednesday 13th of June 2018

i think that because Epcot does not bring in as much as MK is why Epcot is getting Guardians of the Galaxy, Routoullie, and more countries one possible two believed to be Brazil and Spain with spain having a ride. These are all ways to nudge people to buy tickets for all four parkets and not so easily cross off Hollywood, Animal, or Epcot so easily


Saturday 16th of September 2017

I know what you mean. I think they are tying it into Future World and since they have space themed rides, Guardians of the Galaxy was their way to bridge the two.