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How to Save Money on Disney World Tickets

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How to Save Money on Disney World TicketsIf you are planning a trip to Disney, I am sure that you are hoping to find ways to save money on Disney theme park tickets. While it does cost a lot to go to the Disney parks (not to mention to stay at the Disney resorts), there area few ways to bring the costs down.

Cost of Disney World Tickets

When you are purchasing Disney World Tickets, the price you pay is going to be dependent on the age of the person and the time of year they are going to the parks.

  • Children 0-3 years get in free to all four Disney theme parks as well as the two water parks at Disney World.
  • Kids ages 3-9 pay a youth ticket price
  • Kids 10+ pay adult admission price.

There are three tiers for one-day theme park tickets: value, regular, and peak.

You will want to consider using a Disney Crowd calendar to find out the busiest times of year, because that is when you will pay a premium.

You will also pay more if you add on things like Disney Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus which also includes entrance to the waterparks.

Depending on all these factors, Disney World Tickets can cost between $109- $189 per day.


Saving Money on Disney VacationHow to Save Money on Disney World Tickets

1. Travel with your kid before their 3rd birthday.

So many people don’t want to take kids to Disney until they will remember it. Well, if that applies to you, then just wait it out.

The problem with that is that if you wait, you will have to pay for them!

Go before they turn three and they are FREE.

2. Purchase Disney gift cards at Target if you have a Target Red Card.

Using your Target Red Card, you automatically save 5 percent off Disney gift cards.

You can use these Disney Gift Cards to pay for your Disney tickets at the Park or when you buy them at the Disney Store.

You can also use them in the park for things like souvenirs and meals!

Disney Chase Visa Card Designs3. Get a Disney Chase Visa card.

This card will earn you reward points that you can use to pay for your Disney Vacation.

There are also many other cool perks to having The Disney Chase Visa Card. The key is to only do this if you know you can pay the balance off each month.

4. Buy your Disney tickets from Undercover Tourist.

Not only can you buy full Disney resort packages and tickets for Disney theme parks, you can also save on your Disney holiday party tickets with Undercover Tourist.

This company is top notch and one of the few we at Disney Insider Tips recommend (because WE use them).

Disney World Card Tickets5. Buy multiple day tickets for Disney theme parks.

If you purchase one or two day park tickets, you are not going to get a discount.

The key is to buy 4+ days. The more days you go, the cheaper each ticket will be.

This can result in a lot more park time for a cheaper per ticket rate.

When buying tickets, Disney will try to convince you to pay for things like Park Hopping and extras like Water parks. While this might sound like a good idea, those little extras will add up.

Park hopping allows you to visit more than one park per day.

It is nice, but the problem is that you will find yourself unable to much of anything at the second park because you probably used your Fastpasses for the first.

So, you can pay for the ability to go to a park and do absolutely nothing there if the lines are ridiculously long. It can really be a waste of money.

As far as water parks, Disney has 2 waterparks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), but they will try to rope you into purchasing a package that includes access to one for a higher rate.

The water parks at Disney are nice, but I actually prefer Sea World Aquatica, and it is far cheaper.

Sea World will often throw specials for buy one day, get a second day free.

Getting the best deal on Disney World TicketsGoing to Disney is expensive, but there are ways to save money on tickets for Disney theme parks if you take the time to do your research and are willing to be flexible with your trip.

Do you have other ways you save money on Disney tickets?

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