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The Many Disneyland Paris Problems

According to Forbes, Disneyland Paris, formerly known as EuroDisney, ranks 10th as the most visited theme park in the world. And while it is a popular theme park, there are some common Disneyland Paris problems guests tend to encounter which make it unlike other Disney parks in the world.

Disneyland Paris Castle

The Problems with Disneyland Paris

Don’t get me wrong, I love Disneyland Paris.

We have been a half dozen times in recent years and while I continue to return, I can’t help but notice the inconsistencies with this Disney park.

Here are just a few of the problems with Disneyland Paris:

Entrance to Disneyland Paris

Problem #1

Disneyland Paris Resort guests are allowed to enter the park 2 hours earlier than non-resort guests.

This seems like a great perk, but what Disneyland Paris fails to disclose is that only a few areas of the park are operational before 10 am.

The open areas are so spread out that guests spend all their time walking from one end of the park to the other barely being able to enjoy taking advantage of the extra park hours.

It is also not clear which parts of the park are open.

There is no clear signage as to what is open and what isn’t, so guests are unable to plan out their extra park hours in advance.

Problem #2

Guests traveling to Disney parks in the United States have Genie+ & Lighting Lane available in order to avoid long lines.

Disneyland Paris has something similar called Disney Premier Access, which allows you to book a time for one ride or attraction. The cost can range from €5-€13 

They also have Disney Ultimate Premier Access which allows guests the option to use it once at each available attraction & also allows guests the ability to join the fast lane at any time. The cost is tiered based on park attendance data: Low season days are €90, mid-season days are €120, high season days at €160 and peak season days at €190.

The problem is that guests who use the Disney Premier Access have to book them per ride. They do allow you a max of 12 rides (which seems impossible in one day) and I’m sure the cost of doing that many would be astronomical.

While it may seem like the Disney Premier Access would be a better option, depending on when you visit you could be spending more on the pass than the park admission.

Overall the problem is that it is too much of a money grab.

Disneyland Paris Lines

Problem #3

Those who have been to Disney World, or any theme park for that matter, understand that there are lines.

Disney World & Disneyland California parks have an elaborate queue system in which you maze through rows to get to each ride.

Disneyland Paris does this as well, just not AS WELL.

The problem is that Disneyland Paris queues can lead to dead ends at any moment.

You have to pray that you pick the right path through its labyrinth or else you will have to inadvertently merge into the line you were previously in & 20 people who were once behind you are now ahead of you.

Problem #4

When most Disney parks shut down a ride, it is because it is either experiencing problems or the ride is going through a refurbishment.

Disneyland Paris will shut a ride down or never open a ride because (and this is my guess) they are understaffed.

Under-staffing is the crux of Disneyland Paris problems. See Problem #5.

Toad Hall in Disneyland Paris

Problem #5

Things will shut down while you are in line because the worker’s shift has ended and they have no one to replace them.

Yes, I know, crazy.

We were third in line to get gelato at Disneyland Paris when suddenly without warning, the manager came out and said “We’re closed.”

When we questioned this, we were told that they didn’t have a cashier.

They had plenty of gelato, just no one to take our money.

Could you imagine this happening at Disney World?

Disney doesn’t want your money? Seriously?

Problem #6

While the rides are newer than those in the US parks, they are not being kept up.

Rides are also not being cleaned.

Spiders must be a big deal in Paris because, on every ride, we found TONS of cobwebs.

Imagine going down It’s a Small World and all the characters have cobwebs hanging from them.

I mean, darn, It’s a Small World in Walt Disney World has been running since 1971. Have you EVER seen a cobweb?

Please, it only takes a small bit of effort to dust!

Problem #7

Disney is known for having the best customer service.

Cast members at other Disney Parks want to make your experience amazing and will go out of their way to do so.

This is not true for Disneyland Paris.

Very few smiled and were pleasant or accommodating.

They are obviously not being adequately trained in the Disney Way.

Disneyland paris brochure

The Good News: Disneyland Paris Problems are Fixable

They are easy fixes. I feel most of it comes down to management and staffing.

What I would love to see is Bob Iger send a team from the States over to Disneyland Paris for a week to actually experience what it’s like for the customer.

I’m sure that this would give them all the information they need to do a total staffing re-haul.

I’m sure if all you know is Disneyland Paris, you probably don’t see the big deal. But if you have experienced any of the other Disney parks you probably have noticed a difference.

Have you noticed these same problems with Disneyland Paris? What are your thoughts?


Thursday 1st of June 2023

The problem from my point of view is the location. I don't want to Insult any french, but you cannot build such a themepark in France ans expect that it works the same way than in the states. The culture is too different. French people are not open and tolerant enough to be good staff or entertainers. They take it too seriously and try to regulate the visitors all time. On the other hand they are quite lazy and undermotivated. Maybe UK would have been a better location or Germany. You cannot have Disneyland everywhere, because of culture.

Lars S

Monday 18th of July 2022

Thanks for your input. I have only been to euro Disney once - last week, meaning 3 days in july 11th to 13th. Seems I am a newcomer compared to the other readers/commentators :) My main points and also something which will hinder a return visit is the overcrowding and the queuing for everything both attractions, food and coffee. I am therefore puzzled why these two issues are not mentioned? I have been to other theme parks before but never experienced such amounts of people even with the “golden hour” in the morning. I also find the amount of attractions a bit underwhelming considering the price.

My main comparison theme park is Legoland in Denmark which also has some of the same issues but not with the amount of attractions or waiting time for something so simple as a cup of coffee.


Thursday 30th of June 2022

Second visit to DLP the first twenty odd years ago and I couldn't agree more with this article. There is just no magic here. I've been to the Florida parks four times.. it just can't compete. It just feels like a business decision to churn out sales without due care to quality. We had 2 members of staff speak extremely rudely to us with no provocation. Staff are miserable. We were shocked and it put a dark turn on the day. We left by 5pm feeling we'd done much of both parks. Food quality was shocking inside the parks, and there wasn't enough seating areas. Also lacks things to do other than rides. Live shows are lacking, and prices in the stores are often three times that of the UK Disney store prices. Yes we have mobiles and can live check prices to compare. Poor all round. Avoid.


Thursday 30th of June 2022

And lots of cobwebs still!


Saturday 20th of February 2021

We had pretty much the same experience as you, we thought Disneyland Paris lacked the magic of the parks in the U.S. We were there in October 2019 and some things we noticed were: 1. We were the only people there who were in our 60's, felt strange! 2. There were almost no snacks being served, no popcorn carts, no churro stands, no soda stands, and no one was eating. Usually at the Disney Parks, everyone is eating something as they walk along, not in Paris. We usually snack from one end of the park to the other, but not there. We did decide to get some ice cream, and were surprised when they gave us little tiny cartons of Bryer's ice cream, was not that good. 3. We didn't see any other tourists wearing Disney merchandise, no one in Mickey tee shirts, no mouse ears, no families all wearing the same shirts, nothing. 4. The entire Fantasyland closed down at 6:00 so they could have fireworks at 8:00. We had planned on eating at a restaurant there, and it closed, along with everything else, we actually had a hard time finding someplace to eat dinner. 5. A lot of the rides were closed when we were there, that made us a little sad, but we still had a good time, and although the themeing was wonderful, it really does need some work. I did absolutely love the dragon under the castle though, That was amazing!!


Sunday 14th of July 2019

I have just come back from Disneyland paris. I was saddened by so many miserable and in a few cases rude staff. The railway that takes you round the park is still closed .it was closed on our trip last year as well. I have to say tho that the lion king show was absolutely amazing. There are lots on improvements going on so hopefully everything will be back on top form soon x


Friday 21st of January 2022

@Sam, had the same experience. Paris Disney sucks, is dirty, boring, mismanaged and the employees do not care.. Save your Money - go to Orlando - and experience what the real Disney is all about.


Sunday 21st of July 2019

Yes, the staff certainly lacks the magic! I didn't get to see the Lion King show but am looking forward to it!

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