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Sequoia Lodge Disneyland Paris Resort

When you are visiting Disneyland Paris, there are many different resorts you can choose from. The Sequoia Lodge Disneyland Paris Resort was designed by French architect Antoine Grumbach to resemble the American National Park lodges built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Disneyland Paris Sequoia Resort

Sequoia Lodge Disneyland Paris Resort

Sequoia Lodge Resort is located just a few minutes walk to both Disneyland Paris Village, Theme parks and the Marne-la-Vallée Chessy train station.

The rooms in the lodge are nice and clean and have a Bambi theme.

Bambi theme in Sequoia Lodge

All rooms in Sequoia Lodge have comforts such as air conditioning, as well as thoughtful touches like free WiFi, safes, and televisions with English channels. 

Hotel Sequoia Resort Pool

Sequoia Lodge Indoor Pool

There is a nice indoor pool on the premises, but it was never open while we were there. No reason for it being closed was ever given to us but we hear closures are pretty typical.

Check Room Rates for Sequoia Lodge

Hunter's Grill Disneyland Paris Resort Restaurant

Hunters Grill Buffet at Sequoia Lodge

There are a few restaurants on the premises. While we were there, they were renovating Beaver Creek. We dined at Hunter’s Grill for both breakfast and dinner.

Hunter's Grill buffet at Disneyland Paris

Both meals that we ate were at the all-you-can-eat buffet. The food was fine, but nothing exciting.

European travelers will probably be fine with the food options, but Americans used to traditional American Disney buffets will find it sparse.

Breakfast included pastries, cold cuts, cereal, and canned fruit.

The coffee was pretty bad (better off walking to a nearby Starbucks).

Hunter's Grill

Dinner was limited in terms of main course items but did have salmon, shrimp, thickly-sliced turkey, and a pasta dish.

Overall, it was a decent place to stay and was reasonably priced in comparison to the other Disneyland Paris resorts.

If you are wanting to stay late to see the fireworks show at Disneyland Paris, you will appreciate the easy 10-minute walk back to your room at midnight.

While it was similar to our stay at Hotel Cheyenne, do not expect it to be like Disney World resorts in terms of customer service or amenities.

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