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Best Disneyland Paris Rides & Attractions

If you are bringing your kids with you to Paris, one thing you really ought to make time for is Disneyland Paris. This theme park is full of fun things to do. Wondering which Disneyland Paris rides & attractions you should prioritize on your trip?

We’ve been to Disneyland Paris several times and really enjoy the different rides & attractions the park has.

Disneyland Paris Castle

If you have never been, Disneyland Paris is a good cross between Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.

Disneyland in Paris Map

Like the US parks, Disneyland Paris has a main street and different lands that are focused on certain themes. Each has different rides and attractions.

Some of the rides are the same as in the states and some rides have never been introduced to the US Disney parks.

While there are some major flaws with Disneyland Paris, it is a fun place to go if you are a fan of all things Disney.

Those wondering how to prioritize their time, should consider making an effort to experience the following rides & attractions.

Best Disneyland Paris Rides & Attractions

When it comes to rides and attractions, Disneyland Paris has some of my favorites. Some of them are similar to those at Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida, while others are totally unique.

If you are wondering how to best spend your time at the park, we have a list of what we believe are the best Disneyland Paris rides & attractions.

Sleeping Beauty Disneyland Paris Parade Float

Disneyland Paris Parade

The Disneyland Paris parade was probably one of the best parades I have ever seen. What I loved about the parade is that it was how close you could get to the floats.

The floats are very different than the ones at Walt Disney World. They are smaller (which means the characters are closer to you) but just as elaborately decorated.

There is also a NEW Disney Stars on Parade that happens daily that features some different characters!

Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris

Phantom Manor

If you love Haunted Mansion in Disney World or Disneyland, you will really enjoy Phantom Manor. With much of the same decoration and creepiness, Phantom Manor makes you feel like you are journeying into a true haunted house.

You will find some of the same things as in the Haunted Mansion, but there are some differences that are fun to point out.

The only thing it lacked was that hitchhiking ghosts aren’t up to any antics at the end of the ride like they are in Haunted Mansion.

Pirates of the Caribbean

This ride was a lot of fun. It is very similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom, with two main differences.

It is much longer and Jack Sparrow is nowhere to be found.

While I do miss seeing Jack Sparrow, the ride itself was so well done that I can overlook not seeing his handsome face.

Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disneyland Paris

Thunder Mountain Railroad

When it comes to the best Disneyland Paris rides, I have to say that Thunder Mountain Railroad tops my list!

It is similar to the ride in Disney World, but just when you think the ride is coming to a close, this family-friendly roller coaster takes another turn or another dip.

It is great for the entire family!

Star Tours in Disneyland Paris

Star Tours

You would think that this would have been over at Disneyland Studios, but they incorporated it into their main park.

Very similar to the ride at Hollywood Studios, but a bit more jerky and narrated in French.

We only rode it once, but it actually took us to Endor, a place we’ve never experienced at Hollywood Studio, so it made the list!

Little Mermaid in Storybook Canal

Le Pays des Contes de Fées

This magical boat ride takes you through about a dozen miniature displays based mainly on popular Disney movies (with some classic stories).

These mini replicas are extraordinarily designed and fun to see all the details.

Courtesy Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Fireworks Show

Because it doesn’t get dark until really late in Paris, the Disneyland Paris fireworks show isn’t until 11:30 pm at night.

Lucky for us, we were still on US time in our minds, so it was no problem staying up. Thank goodness.

It was probably the BEST fireworks show I’ve ever seen.

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? What are your favorite things about the park?

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Wednesday 20th of February 2019

Great post! I completely agree that Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris is amazing- it is by far my favourite version of the attraction at any Disney park. I love how long it is and the ride in general seems so much for fun than in any other park. Big Thunder is one of my favourite attractions no matter what park I'm in, but I am always extra excited to ride it whenever I am at Disneyland Paris!

Leanne J

Sunday 14th of August 2016

Haunted Mansion is one of my favourite things there - and the staff really play up to it! I was there one Halloween night and a cast member hid behind the column at the entrance road, jumped out on me with a scary growl and I nearly hit the floor laughing. So much fun (& I massively recommend visiting at Halloween!)

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