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Where is the Rapunzel Tower in Magic Kingdom?

If you are a fan of Rapunzel, you will be glad to know that you can find both Rapunzel and the Rapunzel Tower in Magic Kingdom.  While located in different parts of Fantasyland, both are worth exploring if you are a fan of Tangled.

Rapunzel's Tower in Magic Kingdom

Rapunzel Tower & Village of Corona from Tangled

The area where you will find Rapunzel’s Tower and the Village of Corona is perfectly themed and if you don’t know where to find it, you might just overlook it!

Location of Rapunzel's Tower on Magic Kingdom Park Map

Where is Rapunzel’s Tower in Magic Kingdom Located?

Perched high above a rock wall and glistening waterfall, between Liberty Square and Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom, stands Rapunzel’s tower.

You will find it easily once you locate Haunted Mansion on the map of Magic Kingdom.

Just take the walkway on the right before going to the Haunted Mansion, you will find the Tower on your left.

Rapunzel's Tower

Rapunzel’s Tower

Rapunzel’s Tower in Magic Kingdom looks just as it does in Disney animated classic, Tangled.

The detail is pretty amazing and you will feel as though you can almost see Rapunzel getting ready to dangle her hair out the window!

Rapunzel's Tower from Tangled
from Tangled

As you can see, Disney Imagineers really worked hard to make the tower at the park feel like you are walking through a scene from the animated film.

Along with Rapunzel’s Tower, you will also be able to see the small village that is referenced in Tangled.

One of the most common questions asked is, “What is the name of the Rapunzel’s Kingdom in Tangled?”

The name of the Village and Kingdom in Tangled is Corona.

While this name has taken on a different context since the pandemic, it actually is a reference to the word Crown.

Corona Village Seating

Rapunzel’s Village in Disney World

Just on the other side of Rapunzel’s Tower, is an area that has been built to look like the village of Corona from Tangled. 

Disney Imagineers filled it with details that pay homage to the animated film.

Rapunzel's Village in Magic kingdom

What you may find surprising is that this area of the park houses bathrooms. 

Tangled area bathroom ceiling

While you might think they are ordinary bathrooms, once you walk inside, you will find the theme of the area is continued.

In fact, the theme throughout the part of the park is pretty amazing.

Hidden Features of Rapunzel Village

Items from the movie Tangled in this part of Fantasyland

One of the special parts about this area of Fantasyland is all the details. Make sure that you take your time here and look for some of our favorite items from the movie Tangled.

Floating Lanterns near Rapunzel's Tower
Floating Lanterns

While here, you will notice the music from Tangled playing softly in the background and floating lanterns that glow at night!

Rapunzel village details
Frying Pan and Flynn Riders Satchel

Just above the entrance to the men’s restrooms are two Disney Easter Eggs from Tangled.

The Frying Pan was Rapunzel’s weapon of choice and who can forget, Flynn Rider’s satchel that once held her crown?

Tangled Poster
Wanted Posters

You might see some references to the Snuggly Duckling ruffians both outside and inside (the mens) restrooms.

The posters inside the men’s bathrooms feature characters who have been “Pardoned,” “Captured” and are still “At Large.”

Pascal in Magic Kingdom
Friends of Pascal

If you have small kids that need a little distraction from the rides & attractions, you will also be able to find many of Pascal’s friends hidden among the scenery around Rapunzel’s tower & village.

You will have to look hard to find them, but they are certainly worth the search!

Rapunzel Meet & Greet in Magic Kingdom

Where to find Rapunzel in Magic Kingdom

Hoping to find Rapunzel near Rapunzel’s Tower in Magic Kingdom?

Well, you are not going to find her here.

Find Rapunzel at Fairytale Hall

Instead, she can be found in Fairytale Hall.  She can be seen along with one other princess (right now it is Princess Tiana).

Locations where you find Rapunzel at Disney World

Rapunzel also makes an appearance in the Festival of Fantasy parade along with Flynn Rider and some other popular characters from Tangled!

Have you spent any time checking out the Rapunzel Tower in Magic Kingdom?  What did you think of all the details?

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Tuesday 21st of February 2023

Man! As a Tangled fan; and when I say "fan" I mean I've seen every episode in the series at least 5 times, and have watched the Movie 27 times. And I have gotta say I was worried that the tower and the village were gonna be a letdown... BUT! I am VERY proud of Disney!!!! *sighs* (sorry I'm fan-girling) This is an AMAZING guide... Thank you!!! :D


Sunday 3rd of June 2018

The seating area just across from the restroom has charging stations inside the logs as well. THEY typically charge about 6 devices at a time with 4 USB and 2 outlet plugs in 1 station for multiple people to utilize. It’s my favorite resting area.


Sunday 3rd of June 2018

If you go after it’s dark, you can have your picture taken by a Photo Pass Cast Members holding a lantern! It so magical and romantic!


Tuesday 27th of May 2014

Just an fyi for bonuses on the a central florida resident...The women's bathroom ceiling is awesomely decorated like she painted it. And I have heard there are hidden Pascals.


Tuesday 27th of May 2014

Yes, the bathroom is lovely! Totally the best decorated bathroom on the property.

Sandra @ The Adored Home

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

We were just there during the evening and you are right it was very enchanting! Loved the area to just sit and relax and enjoy!


Saturday 27th of July 2013

Can't wait to see it at night!

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