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10 BEST Star Wars Rides & Attractions at Disney World

If you are looking for Star Wars attractions at Disney World, the park you want to be sure to visit is Hollywood Studios. This is where you will find all the best Star Wars rides and attractions.

10 BEST Star Wars Rides & Attractions at Disney World

10 Best Star Wars Rides & Attractions at Disney World

Galaxy’s Edge should be your first stop at Hollywood Studios if you are a Star Wars fan! 

When it comes to rides, there are two in Galaxy’s Edge: Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Millenium Falcon in Disneyland

1. Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run

On this ride, you will board the Millennium Falcon along with others who will have to work together to command “the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.”

No matter what role you receive in your mission, the fully interactive ride will take you flying through the galaxy at warp speed, dodging fire, and structures!

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

2. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

This ride pits you between First Order and the Resistance!

You will begin by boarding a transport shuttle that gets caught by the First Order.

This fully immersive experience gives you a chance to battle back from being taken by the First Order.

With the help of some Resistance fighters, you will be forced to fight back in order to break free!

Star Wars Sand Cruiser in Galaxy's Edge

While there are only two rides, there are a ton of other things to do & see while you are in Galaxy’s Edge.

Droid Depot Build Station

3. Droid Depot

Those over 14 can build their own droid at Droid Depot for $119.99.

Once you arrive, you will register either a BB-series unit or an R-series unit with the clerk, who’ll give you a basket and building instructions.

Then you will go through stations to construct your droid.

Once completed, your droid will be paired with a remote control and activated so that it can come to life!

One additional guest is permitted to watch you build the droid.

Build your own Lightsaber in Disney World

4. Savi’s Workshop

Guest over 14 can build their own lightsaber (for a hefty charge of $249.99) at Savi’s Workshop.

You will get to create your lightsaber based on one of four themes:

  • Peace and Justice
    Salvaged scraps from fallen Jedi temples and crashed starships in these Republic-era designs honor the galaxy’s former guardians.
  • Power and Control
    Originally forged by dark-side warriors, this style features rumored remnants from the Sith homeworld and abandoned temples.
  • Elemental Nature
    This theme embodies the Force—an energy created by all living things, like Brylark trees, Cartusion whale bones and Rancor teeth.
  • Protection and Defense
    Hilt materials bear mysterious motifs and inscriptions that reconnect users with the ancient wellspring of the Force.

You will put the lightsaber together with the help of a Gatherer who will also help you add the kyber crystal (choose from red, blue, green or purple).

Each person building a lightsaber can bring one guest (who can be under 14), but they are not permitted to build anything.

Star Wars Launch Bay

5. Star Wars Launch Bay

Star Wars Launch Bay is one place you don’t want to miss if you are a Star Wars fan going to Hollywood Studios.

While not part of Galaxy’s Edge, it is a great spot to find everything from movie memorabilia to characters! Here is what you will find:

  • Launch Bay Theater – Watch a short video about the making of the Star Wars saga into a film.
  • Character Meet & Greets – Visit with Darth Vader, Chewbacca & BB8.  While in the area, you will also be able to see replicas of Star Wars props.
  • The Cantina – This is a small area where you might spot a Jawa (if you are lucky!).  Even if they aren’t around, you will get to have a great place to take some photos with some really cool backdrops like a holo chess game table.
  • Launch Bay Cargo – This Star Wars store is what dreams are made of. You will find authentic movie props, costumes, and some pretty neat Star Wars souvenirs.
Star Tours ride in Hollywood Studios
Courtesy Disney

6. Star Tours 

On this simulator ride, guests take flight aboard a Starspeeder 1000 and race to faraway places like Jakku, Coruscant, Naboo or even Crait!

You could end up in a new location each time you ride Star Tours!

During your voyage, you will interact with many otherworldly characters and never know who you might run into!

This training is limited to ages 4-12 and is first come, first served.  You can register your child at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost as soon as the park opens.

Star Wars Photo Opts in Hollywood Studios

7. Star Wars Photo Opportunities

Hop on a replica speeder bike and pretend like you are darting between the giant trees on Endor.

You will find countless picture opportunities for your Jedi in training!

Coke Bottles Galaxy Edge

8. Indulge in Star Wars Treats

Want a Star Wars-themed treat? Head over to Backlot Express where you can get a Darth Vader Chocolate Cupcake or hit Galaxy’s Edge where you can grab a Coke in a souvenir container.

9. Batuu Bounty Hunters Game

If you have a Disney MagicBand, you can play the Batuu Bounty Hunters game in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

This game is a scavenger hunt through Galaxy’s Edge that gives you clues to solve missions.

As long as you have a MagicBand and the Disney App, you can play at your leisure while you are in this section of Hollywood Studios.

Oga's Cantine in Galaxy's Edge

10. Oga’s Cantina

Star Wars fans over 21 should make a reservation to experience Oga’s Cantina.

This notorious watering hole features great libations and signature drinks with a Star Wars flair! Consider getting a Jedi Mind Trick cocktail, Bad Motivator IPA or T-16 Skyhopper.

Hollywood Studios Park

If you are a Star Wars fan, you definitely want to make sure you visit Hollywood Studios and make sure that you get there early so that you can fit everything in!

What Star Wars attractions at Disney World are you most excited about?

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Jason Tiede

Thursday 17th of November 2022

Is the speeder bike phot op still there? I had seen several posts saying it was removed when Galaxy's Edge was being built.


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

@Jason Tiede, this article has outdated info. Speeder bike is probably gone just like the galactic spectacular is gone

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