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10 Disney World Haunted Mansion Ride Facts You Might Not Know

One of the most iconic Magic Kingdom rides is Haunted Mansion. The Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World sits atop a hill in Liberty Square and is the home to 999 ghosts. While you might think you know everything there is to know about this popular Disney ride, we actually have 10 Haunted Mansion facts that may surprise you.

10 Haunted Mansion Ride Facts You Might Not Know

10 Disney World Haunted Mansion Ride Facts

This popular ride at Magic Kingdom has some hidden gems you might not be aware of.

Check out these 10 Haunted Mansion ride facts:

1 . During the queue, you will see graves for many different imagineers. Most days you will find that there is a rose placed on Master Gracey’s grave. Yale Gracey was actually the Haunted Mansion Special Effects Design Team leader.

Leota's Grave at Haunted Mansion

2. On your way into the Haunted Mansion, pay attention to Madame Leota’s grave. Look at her image long enough, and you might find her looking back.

3. Madame Leota was actually a real person. She got her name from a model-building Imagineer named Leota Toombs

4. Eleanor Audley voices Madame Leota during the ride. You might recognize her voice as she also voiced Lady Tremaine (Cinderella) and Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty).

Haunted Mansion Lobby

5. Before entering the ride, you wait in the lobby and suddenly the lights go out and the floor seems to slowly drop. In reality, the ceiling rises, and guests remain on the same level they walked in on.

6. Besides the park guests, there are 2 other living creatures in the Haunted Mansion. They are lit differently than the ghosts to denote that they are living. See if you can spot them!

7. There is a Hidden Mickey on the dining room table in the Banquet scene.

8. There is a wedding ring implanted in the cement as you exit the ride.

Haunted Mansion Disney World Pet Cemetery

9. As you leave, there is a pet cemetery on the hill to the left. You’ll find tombstones for several animals, but there is one that is also a Disney character: Mr. Toad.

10. There are giant chess pieces on top of The Haunted Mansion. There is one piece missing, the knight. Supposedly it is because it’s always night inside the mansion. Get it?

There is a reason why this ride is so beloved. It hasn’t changed much since its inception and provides you entertainment from the time you walk through the gates!

Do you have a favorite part about Haunted Mansion ride in Disney World?

Did you know any of these Haunted Mansion facts?

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Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

Per #6 about the other living beings, I can think of one: the caretaker. I assume the other is an animal. Awesome list!

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