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How to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Disney Cruise

Do you have a Disney cruise coming up this year and are a little worried about getting motion sickness?  Even seasoned sailors can get an upset stomach when a ship hits turbulent water so it is better to be safe than sorry. There are plenty of ways to prevent motion sickness and the key to being sick-free is knowledge.

Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Cruise

How to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Disney Cruise

1 . If you know you are prone to sea sickness, you may want to choose a stateroom location that is midship and on a lower level.  This part of the ship is typically more stable and less prone to sway.

2. If you are experiencing motion sickness, be sure to face the direction that the boat is moving and set your eyes on a fixed point like the horizon. 

3. Chew on some Ginger candy.

4. Get fresh air.

5. Use Sea-Bands. These acupressure wrist bands are easy to slip on and can be worn your entire trip or only when you need them.

The idea is that they put pressure on the underside of your wrist which contains a trigger spot that can help combat the signs of nausea.  

These are popular because they don’t cause side effects (like tiredness) that some over the counter anti-nausea meds do.

6. Take Dramamine or Bonine Motion Sickness Relief Pills. The manufacturers of Dramamine All Day Less Drowsy claim that it prevents and treats nausea, vomiting and queasiness with less drowsiness.

If you are someone who would rather take a pill to help combat the side effects of sea sickness, this might be a viable option.

7. Wear a Motion Sickness Patch.  

Have you ever noticed people on cruise ships wearing a small round patch behind their ear?

These are motion sickness patches that help ease discomfort and can be worn for up to three days.  

This patch contains different herbal properties that go through the skin to deliver relief.

Motion Sickness Relief

No matter whether you are prone to sea sickness or not, the key is to be prepared.  BUT…. if you find yourself unprepared while on board, do be sure to contact the first aid station on the ship.

They should be able to provide you with something to help settle your stomach and make you feel more comfortable.

Do you suffer from Sea Sickness when you travel by boat? What do you recommend?

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