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T-Rex: Disney Springs Dinosaur Themed Restaurant

While there are many great restaurants on Disney property, not all of them are “fun” for kids. If you are traveling with school-aged children, you should check out the T-Rex Disney Springs location for a dinner with the family.

T-Rex Cafe Dinosaur Restaurant in Disney Springs

T-Rex: Disney Springs Dinosaur Themed Restaurant

Similar to Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex Cafe features an interactive dining experience where the dinosaurs come to life.

The T-Rex Disney Springs location is consistenly busy.

This means that this is a restaurant where having a reservation can make quite a difference in your wait time.

This restaurant is considered under the Disney umbrella, so you can use your My Disney Experience app to book your dining reservation in advance.

If you do decide to show up without a reservation and have to wait, kids can spend time digging for fossils and treasures in Discovery Creek.

Bar at Disney Springs T-Rex Cafe

T-Rex Cafe Bar

The bar inside T-Rex Disney Springs location is simply amazing! You will feel like you are underwater near an enormous octopus with jellyfish floating above you.

It is probably the most beautiful bar at Disney Springs.

Dining in the Ice Cave

Adjacent to the bar, is the Ice Cavern dining area.

This area is also amazing to see, with it’s bright blue & white walls built to look like you are inside an ice cave.

T-Rex Cafe

Dining among the Dinosaurs

Just past the Ice Caverns is where you will find the dinosaurs!

You will find different types of dinosaurs perched around the restaurant and at different points during your meal, they will come to life!

T Rex at TRex Cafe

This Dinosaur restaurant does get dark when the dinosaurs come to life.

Children who are easily frightened might be caught off guard by this so be sure to prepare them in advance.

For most children, it is fun, but we know that there are kids out there who startle easily.

T-Rex Menu

When it comes to the T-Rex Cafe menu, it is very similar to the food at Rain Forest Cafe.

You will find typical American favorites, like chicken, steak and fish along side quesadillas and chicken wings.

You will be paying a premium for the food. Just consider that you are really paying for the experience.

Because T Rex is part of the Disney dining plan, you can use your table service credit for meals.

If you have Disney Gift Cards, you can also use them to pay for your meal.

landry's card

If not using the Disney dining plan, consider joining the Landy’s Select Club.

If you hit more than one of their restaurants (it includes Rainforest Cafe) during your stay, you might find that it saves you money.

Have you been to T-Rex Disney Springs location? What did you think?

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Cindy Martinez

Thursday 18th of August 2016

This is one of my favorite places! Try to get a table in the color-changing ice cave. But also be sure to look around at all the different sections. Absolutely fun, but noisy!


Tuesday 23rd of August 2016

You are right. It is loud but totally worth it!

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