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DIY Disney Character Costumes for Kids, Teens & Adults

When looking for Disney Character Costumes for Kids, Teens & Adults, you will find a lot on the market. Many of the big box retailers carry a selection of popular characters. If you are looking for something outside the traditional box, we have some great ideas.

Our List of Top Disney Character Costumes for Kids, Teens & Adults

DIY Disney Character Costumes for Kids

What kid doesn’t want to dress up like their favorite Disney character for Halloween?

While kids love the look of costumes available at big box retail stores, often they are bulky and uncomfortable because they are made of cheap materials. 

A great option for purchasing a comfortable costume is to put one together yourself.

You don’t have to be crafty to do it either, there are plenty of things you can purchase from ShopDisney to put together a kid’s Halloween costume. 

Darth Vader Pajamas

Nothing says comfort like wearing your pajamas! Why not let the kids wear a cute pajama set that makes them look like their favorite character?

Buzz Lightyear T-shirt

What about wearing a t-shirt that can double as a costume? There are plenty to choose from and this one looks just like Buzz Lightyear!

Stitch Jacket

A jacket that doubles as a Halloween Costume? Yes, please! This one is absolutely adorable!

Light Up Tinker Bell Wings

Girls don’t have to have a full costume to pull off being a fairy. Just wear a cute leotard and add these Tinkerbell wings that light up!

Goofy Hat

How easy would it be to dress as Goofy with this hat? Just add an orange turtleneck & green pants!

DIY Disney Costumes for Teens & Tweens

Tweens & Teens can be tricky when it comes to Disney costumes.

They might be still going trick or treating or they might need a costume for a Halloween party.

Either way, they don’t want to look like a dork and you don’t want them wearing anything provocative from the adult costumes selection.

Here are some great Disney costume ideas for teens & tweens.

DIY Disney Character Costumes for Adults

Adults looking for Disney Halloween costumes have very few looks to choose from in stores.

Lucky for you, there are some pretty great DIY costume ideas that you can choose from.

These are popular Disney costumes ideas for families, couples and singles. 

Do you dress up for Halloween as any popular Disney character?

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