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Take a Look inside Gaston’s Tavern (Menu & More)

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What You can find on Gaston's Tavern MenuGaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland is a great place to grab a cold drink and snack between rides. Located right next to the Beast’s Castle (where you can dine at Be Our Guest), Gaston’s Tavern Menu has some items you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Disney World.

Portrait of Gaston

Gaston’s Tavern

Gaston’s restaurant has both indoor & outdoor seating, although the outside seating is quite limited. Even if you don’t plan on eating anything, you really should take the time to go inside the restaurant.

It is decorated to look like a hunters tavern, filled with hunting trophies and of course, Gaston is on center stage!

Menu at Gaston's Tavern

What You’ll Find on Gaston’s Tavern Menu

Gaston’s Tavern menu is full of food & treats inspired by The Beauty & the Beast, and one of my favorite beverages at Magic Kingdom, Le Fou’s Brew.

Le Fou Brew Drink

Le Fou’s Brew.

This delicious beverage is made to look like a frosty ale, but it is actually a non-alcoholic beverage suitable for everyone in your family.

This delicious beverage is frozen apple juice with a shot of toasted marshmallow syrup & topped with a passion fruit/ mango foam.

Le Fou's Brew Souvenir Cups

Courtesy Disney

You can purchase it in a souvenir goblet or stein for $12.99 or in a plastic cup for $5.49.

If you are on the Disney dining plan, you can use a snack credit to get the non-souvenir option.

Gaston’s Tavern is the only place where you will be able to find LeFou’s Brew so if you are here, you need to go ahead and get it!

Gaston's Tavern Menu

When it comes to food, you will find many french inspired choices like Ham & Cheese Baguettes and Macaroons along with Chocolate Croissants.

Want a healthy snack? Gaston’s Tavern has that too. Enjoy some Babybel snack cheese, Apple Slices, Hummus & chips or Veggies and Dip.

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, many of the menu options priced $5.79 and under qualify as snack credits.

Cinnamon Roll & Le Fou Brew

What Should You Eat at Gaston’s Tavern

There are so many yummy treats to indulge in at Gaston’s Tavern, but one of my favorites is there Cinnamon Roll. It pairs well with Le Fou’s brew!

Enchanted Rose Cupcake

Enchanted Rose Cupcake

Another great option is one you can only ONLY find at Gaston’s Tavern: The Enchanted Rose Cupcake.

This chocolate cupcake features a beautiful fondant rose!

It may look too good too eat, but you will want to eat it!

Where to Meet Gaston

Look for Gaston outside Gaston’s Tavern

If you are hoping to meet Gaston, chances are you will find him hanging out near his tavern.

He is quite the character! Be sure to fawn over him and if you mention his muscles, you will be in for a treat!

Have you been to Gaston’s restaurant? What treats did you choose from Gaston’s Tavern Menu?

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