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10 Best Stores at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a great place to go when you need a change of pace from the Disney World parks. You could easily spend the better part of a day just browsing the stores at Disney Springs. Wondering which are the best stores at Disney Springs? We have just the list for you!

Best Stores at Disney Springs

10 Best Stores at Disney Springs

While you will find high-end chain stores like Anthropologie, Coach & Kate Spade, I prefer the shops that carry Disney-themed items.

These are what I consider the 10 best stores at Disney Springs:

World of Disney Store
Courtesy Disney

1. World of Disney Store

This Disney Store in Disney Springs is the largest one in the world! You’ll find 12 rooms filled with every Disney item imaginable, including some of my favorite souvenirs.

If you are looking to take something home to remember your trip, this is the place to go.

World of Disney Mickey Ear selection
Courtesy Disney

If you need a souvenir, this is the place to go. You will find everything from toys to purses in one place.

World of Disney Springs Store Interior

You’ll even find dated merchandise like t-shirts and ornaments. Need smaller gifts like a key chain or a more expensive gift like a piece of Disney jewelry? They have it all!

T-shirt displays in Uniqlo


If you are looking for inexpensive Disney t-shirts, this is the shop to find them!

Not only do they have shirts featuring popular Disney characters, but they also have Marvel and Star Wars tops as well.

Even if you don’t need another T-shirt, you should go in just to check the store displays out. Talk about super cute, it is adorable.

Once Upon a Toy

3. Once Upon a Toy

If you are looking for the perfect Disney toy, one of my favorite stores in Disney Springs to shop is Once Upon a Toy.

Disney Princess Plush Dolls

It has just about everything you can imagine from Disney plush to Disney board games.

Disney Puzzles at Once Upon a Toy

If you love puzzles, this store has a great collection of Disney puzzles!

Candy Cauldron in Disney Springs

4. The Candy Cauldron

If you have a sweet tooth, you surely won’t want to miss this candy shop.

At Candy Cauldron in Disney Springs, you can choose from Disney candy apples, decorated Mickey Mouse-shaped sugar cookies, or a piece of chocolate-covered fruit.

Everyone will leave with something different and delicious!

You can even watch them make delicious Disney treats, like Mickey Mouse Candy Apples, through a window.

Disney Style Store in Disney Springs

5. Disney Style

Disney Style has the latest fashion-forward on Disney Springs West Side.

Courtesy Disney

This is where you will find trendy clothes with a Disney flair, accessories like glittery Minnie ears and graphic t-shirts that range from your favorite Disney rides to your favorite Disney treats.

Marketplace Co Op at Disney Springs

6. Marketplace Co Op

This shop has a little bit of everything. You will find housewares, Disney Vera Bradley bags, unique Disney houseware items, clothing and makeup. 

The store is set up a bit like an open-air warehouse with different shops in one place.

Art in Marketplace Co Op in Disney Springs

You will find a ton of creative Disney kiosks like this one featuring various Disney-themed art.

Disney Pet Gear

And if you have pets you are shopping for, Co-Op has a section of Disney pet essentials!

Disney Bath Soaps at Basin

7. Basin

This luxury bath store in Disney Springs will allow you to feel like you are at a spa in your own home.

Basin Disney Soaps

Basin carries plenty of luxurious bath products in this store, but what really sets it apart is the Disney-themed items.

Mickey Mouse Bath Bombs at Basin in Disney Springs

There are Mickey Mouse bath bombs and soap!

Star Wars Trading Post

8. Star Wars Trading Post

Those who love Star Wars will be glad to know that there are two different Star Wars-themed stores on opposite ends of Disney Springs.

Star Wars Gear at Star Wars Trading Post in Disney Springs

Each has numerous Star Wars items from T-shirts and costumes to collectibles. You can even build a lightsaber or your very own droid.

Disney Springs Christmas Store

9. Disney’s Days of Christmas

If you love Christmas stores, Disney Springs has one of the best! You will find everything related to Christmas in this shop.

Disney Christmas Ornaments for 2018
It is a great place to get a holiday Disney ornament or something to add to your personal Christmas collection of decorations.

Disney Pin Traders Store in Disney Springs

10. Disney Pin Traders

If you are someone who loves to collect Disney pins, the best place to go for Disney trading pins is Pin Traders in Disney Springs.

Disney Trading Pins

This store is filled to the brim with every type of Disney pin imaginable along with some other items like Disney Funko Pop figures!

Which are your favorite stores in Disney Springs?

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