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Inside Enchanted Tales with Belle

If you have a child who loves Beauty and the Beast, one Magic Kingdom attraction you won’t want to miss is Enchanted Tales with Belle. Not only will you be able to walk through her family home, you will also be able to take part in a recreation of the tale that is as old as time and meet the Disney Princess.

View from Belle's cottage

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Your visit begins in Belle’s childhood home. You will find the house very simply decorated, filled with family mementos and many books.

Inside Belle's Cottage

Take in the details of this room. Pay attention to the portrait of Belle and her mother as you can also find the very book they are reading inside the room.

Belle's Favorite Book

Notice the title of the book is in French. It pays homage to another famous Disney princess. Can you guess which one?

Maurice's Workshop

After leaving the family living room, you will make your way into Maurice’s Workshop.

You don’t spend much time here, but do take time to look at the details such as all of his inventions hanging along the ceiling.

Enchanted Mirror

On the wall, you will find a magic mirror.

The magic mirror looks like any ordinary mirror, but as you wait, it will transform into a doorway to a hidden dressing room with a talking Wardrobe.

Beauty & Beast Wardrobe

The Wardrobe comes to life and instructs the crowd how they will be part of bringing the story of Beauty and Beast to life.

Her assistant chooses participants from the crowd to play various roles and after those are chosen, she will ask if there is anyone else who would like to participate.

I loved the fact that every child could have the chance to participate in the show.

Lumiere at Enchanted Tales with Belle

Once everyone has had a chance to be given instruction on their role, they are shuffled into the Beast’s Library where Lumiere greets the guests and announces that Belle is on her way!

Belle Meet & Greet

After a short performance (in which Belle plays herself) each child gets to meet with her for a photo. The photo will be automatically added to your Photopass account.

Princess Belle Bookmarks

Besides the opportunity to meet & greet with Belle, you will also get a bookmark that your child can take home as a free souvenir.

Enchanted Tales with Belle at Magic Kingdom

Overall, we were very glad that we took the time to stop by Enchanted Tales with Belle.

While it is geared to the 10 and under crowd, it is a neat experience for everyone to be able to see inside her cottage and walk inside the Beast’s library!

Have you attended Enchanted Tales with Belle? What did you think?

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Friday 28th of July 2017

Does it need reservation ?


Monday 31st of July 2017

No, you do not need a reservation, but you can use a FastPass.

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