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Disney World as an Educational Experience

One of the questions I get asked most often is “How you can use a trip to Walt Disney World as an educational experience”? You might not realize that there are several learning opportunites throughout each of the four Disney parks!

Disney World as an Educational Experience

We often think that Disney is just a place for fun (and it is!!) but it also has many attractions and programs that are geared toward learning about other cultures, the arts and the environment.

Rhinos in Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

  • Affection Section– Petting Zoo where kids can get hands on knowledge of gentle animals.
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch– Kids can go to Conservation Station, an animal care facility featuring hands-on exhibits and Habitat Habit!, a trail where they can view animals in their natural habitat.
  • Discovery Island Trail- Kids can learn about different animals, birds and reptiles while viewing them in their habitat on a self-guided tour.
  • Wilderness Explorers program– Kids can learn about animals and their habitats and how to be a good citizen of the Earth.


  • Spaceship Earth– Kids will learn about the history of important events taking place around the world.
  • The Circle of Life– Kids can learn about conservation with this film featuring characters from The Lion King.
  • Innoventions– Hands on ways for kids to learn about things like money, engineering and even home safety!
  • Living with the Land– Learn about ecosystems and how food is grown.
  • Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium- See fish, sharks, dolphins and even manatees.
  • World Showcase Kidcot Program– Teaches kids about different cultures and greetings in different languages.
  • American Adventure– Kids will see such American figures as Benjamin Franklin & Mark Twain take them through the history of our great nation. They can also hear about our nations musical tradition if they get there a little before the show.
  • Staav Church in Norway Pavilion- Houses ancient artifacts from Norway, including traditional dresses with a focus on Nordic mythology.
  • Canada Pavilion– Film that teaches about the vast landscape of Canada.
  • Bijutsu-kan Gallery– In Japan, kids can learn about myths & legends of that country and how they inspired Japanese art of anime.
  • Flower & Garden Expo– Kids can learn about plants and flowers.
Beauty and the Beast Live Show in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

  • Walt Disney, One Mans Dream– Learn the life story of Walt Disney, and his impact on animation and film. This could be paired with the book, Who Was Walt Disney? for further study.
  • Beauty & the Beast LIVE Kids can get a true sense of the arts with this Broadway-worthy production.

Magic Kingdom

  • Hall of Presidents– Kids will learn about how the constitution was formed, important American events, and here from past and present Presidents.
  • Carousel of Progress- This attraction takes you on a journey from the turn of the century til today. Kids will learn about how technology changed over time.
  • Tom Sawyer Island & Swiss Family Robinson Tree House– Both attractions are based on novels by the same title. It opens the doorway to reading since it will encourage children’s curiosity about the stories behind the attractions.

What ways do you use Walt Disney World as an Educational Experience?

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Tuesday 11th of April 2017

It's great but Disney has gotten ridiculously expensive that as a Florida residents family of 3 it would cost us $500 for a pass for 1day. We earn minimum wage. How is that a bargain for Florida residents, it's not.

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