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Where to find Starbucks in Animal Kingdom

One of the great things about Disney World is that you can find Starbucks at all four of the Disney parks! If you are hoping to get a coffee first thing in the morning, you will be glad to know that the Starbucks in Animal Kingdom isn’t too far!

Starbucks in Animal Kingdom

Where to find Starbucks in Animal Kingdom

When you arrive in Animal Kingdom, you will take the bridge to Discovery Island.

Animal Kingdom Map to Starbucks

When facing the Tree of Life, take the pathway to the left.

Starbucks in Animal Kingdom is Creature Comforts

You will find Starbucks in the Creature Comforts building which will also be on your left.

Disney Starbucks Menu

Animal Kingdom Starbucks Menu

All of the Starbucks at Disney World have the same drink menu so you won’t have to worry about anything being that different than your traditional Starbucks.

They will even have your favorite holiday drinks during the fall and winter months.

Besides the typical Starbucks drinks and pound cakes, you will find some great Disney treats that are only available at the Animal Kingdom Starbucks location.

Colossal Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Bun at Starbucks

One of the most popular item that is only found at the Starbucks in Animal Kingdom is the Collosall Cinnamon roll in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Notice that it is also on the Disney Dining Plan?

You can use the Disney Dining plan snack credits for both beverages and for certain snacks!

Animal Kingdom Starbucks Mugs

Disney Animal Kingdom Starbucks Merchandise

At each of the Disney Park Starbucks, you will find unique Disney Starbucks mugs & merchandise.

Animal Kingdom Tumblers

Along the back wall of the Starbucks, you will be able to find a selection of Disney World merchandise including You Are Here Animal Kingdom Starbucks mugs and Disney World tumblers.

There are also Animal Kingdom Tumblers that can only be found in this park!

Starbucks Wakanda Mug

Creature Comforts is also the only place to find a Wakanda Starbucks mug!

Disney Animal Kingdom Starbucks Christmas Ornament

A popular Disney souvenir to bring back from Animal Kingdom is the Disney Animal Kingdom Starbucks Christmas ornament.

This one is a mini ceramic Starbucks mug featuring Animal Kingdom landmarks and Minnie Mouse.

Get Free Water in Starbucks

Something else you will find at Starbucks in the Disney parks is free water dispensers.

Animal Kingdom Park tends to feel like it is the hottest of the parks.

I think it is because the trees lock in the heat and prevent you from getting a breeze.

You will want to stop by Starbucks to enjoy an ice-cold water!

Inside Animal Kingdom Creature Comforts

Ways you can pay at Animal Kingdom for Starbucks Coffee

  • Want to pay with your Starbucks App? You can and you can earn points, but unfortunately, you can’t use points to get free drinks.
  • You can, however, use those Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits for any beverage and snacks with the purple Disney Dining label.
  • If you are staying at a Disney Resort and using MagicBands, they are accepted. Other forms of payment are credit cards, Disney gift cards and of course, cash.

Will you be hitting Starbucks on your trip to Animal Kingdom?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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