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Vera Bradley Disney Bags (Current & Retired Prints)

Vera Bradley is known for colorful patterns and different styles of bags. When they decided to create a line of Disney-themed bags, the company kept true to the quality of the bags. The Vera Bradley Disney limited edition collection is perfect for trips to Disney parks and for women who just love Mickey Mouse!

Types of Vera Bradley Disney Bags

Vera Bradly Disney Bag

Vera Bradley Disney Crossbody Bags

I have mentioned before that my favorite crossbody purse is the Vera Bradley Hipster Bag because it is lightweight and can hold all of the items I need to bring with me to Disney parks.

The great thing about this bag is that you never need to take it off.

Since it is a crossbody bag, it stays put, even on rides.

It is also a bag that doesn’t scream MICKEY MOUSE even though you can catch a glimpse of him if you look at the pattern closely. 

This means that you can feel good wearing this purse in other places than Disney parks.

Minnie Mouse Vera Bradley Backpack

Vera Bradley Disney Backpacks

Another bag that is popular to carry to Disney parks is the Vera Bradley Disney backpack.

Backpacks are great for Disney because it allows you to keep your arms free and you can carry everything you need for a day at the park right on your back.

Mickey Mouse Family Fun Vera Bradley Sling Bag

Vera Bradley Disney Sling Bags

Sling Bags are great when you don’t need to carry everything with you but still want to have some things nearby.

These bags are more like a crossbody bag, but are worn slung either over the back or front of the body.

Vera Bradley Disney Wallet

Vera Bradley Disney Wallets

If you are looking for a great gift idea for someone who loves both Disney and Vera Bradley, you can always count on getting them a Vera Bradley Disney wallet.

These wallets are affordable and feature the same great Disney prints.

They also contain RFID technology, so you can know that your credit cards are safe inside.

Vera Bradley Retired Disney prints

Just like all Vera Bradley Mickey Mouse patterned bags, the different Disney prints also get retired. 

If you spot a certain Disney pattern bag that you love, you better buy it while it is available because chances are it will be replaced with a new pattern in the upcoming year. 

Current Disney Vera Bradley Bags

If you love these patterns, you better purchase it before they get retired!

Disney Springs Vera Bradley Store

Where to Buy Disney Print Bags

You can find some Disney-patterned Vera Bradley bags at ShopDisney. They don’t carry nearly the same selection as Vera Bradley, but you can sometimes find a discount code to get them a bit cheaper.

Vera Bradley Disney Springs Inventory

You can find all current prints at Vera Bradley online, at some of the stores in the Disney parks, and both the World of Disney Store and the Disney Springs Vera Bradley Store.

Retired Disney Print Bags

Vera Bradley retires patterns each year. If you don’t love the current prints, chances are you can find some of the older patterns online at various reseller marketplaces.

Retired Disney Vera Bradley Patterns

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

While expensive, these bags aren’t as pricey as some of the other Disney-inspired designer purses (like Dooney and Bourke and  Kate Spade collections) and they do go on sale.

I would suggest subscribing to the Vera Bradley email list so that you can get notified when their site is running a sale.

What do you think about the Disney print bags? Do you have a favorite print?

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Pat tanghare.

Thursday 15th of June 2023

Is there a bag with Bambi on. It

Susan Wood

Friday 8th of May 2020

I think a Vera Bradley bag of just Minnie Mouse would be awesome.. I love the triple zip ones.. And yes I’m a Minnie Mouse fan!! U can’t find any purses of just Minnie Mouse .. just a thought..

Connie Sullivan

Thursday 7th of May 2020

I need the wallet for vera bradley mickey and minnie with pluto

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