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Disney Wonder Tiana’s Place (Menu & More)

If you are taking a cruise on the Disney Wonder, one of the things you can look forward to experiencing is dinner at Tiana’s Place. Disney Wonders Tiana’s Place restaurant will make you feel like you have stepped foot into a Speakeasy down in the Bayou! Wondering what to expect when dining here? We’ve got all the details, including the Tiana’s Place menu.

Disney Wonder Tiana's Place (Menu & More)

Disney Wonder Tiana’s Place Restaurant

When you enter the restaurant you will find that there is a central stage area, a small dance floor with a long walkway, and tables scattered throughout the room.

Tiana's Place Stage

Regardless of where your table is situated, you will have some type of view of the stage (since it is on a raised platform).

Jazz Musicians on Disney Wonder

During the course of your meal, you will get to see a live Jazz performance which features some wonderful musicians.

They play jazz standards and popular Disney songs. They are REALLY good.

Kids and adults can feel free to dance on the dance floor while they are waiting for their meal.

Tiana Place Menu

Tiana’s Place Menu

The Disney Wonder Tiana’s Place menu features a little bit of everything.  

You will find pasta, red meat, seafood and chicken! All have a Creole flair.

  • Charlotte La Bouff’s Bucatini Pasta
  • Cajun Spiced Sea Bass
  • Roasted Creole Half Chicken
  • James’s Roasted Pork Tenderloin
  • Big Daddy’s Roasted Prime-Rib of Beef

I was hoping for a more distinctly traditional New Orleans food selection, but it is what it is.

Tiana's Place kids menu

Tiana’s Place menu for kids features great choices that children will enjoy.

  • Lean Cut Sirloin of Beef
  • Mac-n-Cheese
  • Mini Burger
  • Prince Naveen’s Pasta
  • Big Daddy’s Baked Salmon

The kids menu is super fun. They can color it and use it as a pretend instrument later during the Mardi Gras parade!

Dinnerware at Tiana's Place

Even the tableware at Tiana’s Place makes you feel like you are in the movie Princess & the Frog. Just like you were in the South, you will drink out of mason jars.

The dinner plates even feature Prince Naveen as a frog.

Be sure that you stay through dessert because that is the best part of the evening.

Disney Wonder Tiana’s Place Dessert Menu

The star of the show is always dessert and even the dessert menu meets expectations.

The dessert menu features delicious desserts and choosing just one will not be easy. That’s why you should try a few. It’s a Disney Cruise afterall!

  • Tiana’s Buttermilk Beignets
  • Chocolate Doberge Gatua
  • Mama Odie’s White Chocolate Bread Pudding
  • New Orleans Bananas Foster Sundae
Beignets at Tiana Place

The beignets are just like the ones you get at Port Orleans at Disney World.

While the food is good, it is really the atmosphere that sets this restaurant apart from the others.

Tiana’s Place Dinner Show

Not only will you be greeted by Tiana during your meal, you will also get a chance to see another popular character from Princess & the Frog, Louis the Alligator.

Tiana on Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Tiana will spend time at each table and is available for pictures. She will not sign autographs.

At the end of the dining experience, Tiana will join the jazz musicians for Down the Bayou.

Servers will pass out Mardi Gras beads and Louie will start a conga line.

Kids are encouraged to join in on the dance and parents are always welcome to accompany them. You can’t help but feel the spirit of Mardi Gras in the air!

Louis the Alligator at Tiana's Place

Louis also makes a few rounds through the restaurant but he does NOT come to each individual table.

Overall, visiting Disney Wonder Tiana’s Place during the dining rotation is a wonderful experience that the entire family will enjoy! The food on the Tiana’s Place menu is terrific and you will be entertained throughout the evening.

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