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Top 5 Downtown Disney Stores in Disneyland

A trip to Disneyland isn’t complete without spending a little time in Downtown Disney. Adjacent to the Disneyland parks, this retail and restaurant space is a great place to stop after you leave the parks. Wondering which places you should visit? We have a great list of Downtown Disney stores you’ll want to see.

Top 5 Downtown Disney Stores

Top 5 Downtown Disney Stores to Check out in Disneyland

Make sure you give yourself enough time to check out these Downtown Disneyland Stores:

World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney

1. World of Disney Store

If there is one store in Downtown Disney that you must experience it is World of Disney.

The flagship World of Disney store is the ultimate place to shop for Disney fans!

If there is a must-have souvenir, this is the best place to look for it. It has the largest selection of Disney toys, accessories, clothes and collectibles at Disneyland.

Disney Home in Downtown Disney
Courtesy Disneyland

2. Disney Home

Disney Home is a dream for anyone who wants to add some touches of Disney to their own home.

You will find Disney-themed items including dishes, towels, bedding and more. 

Dress Shop in Disneyland
Courtesy Disneyland

3. The Disney Dress Shop

Those looking to add some Disney to their wardrobe should take a look at the selection at the Disney Dress Shop. It is filled with apparel and accessories featuring Disney characters and theme park attractions.

The most recent collections include Disney Dresses featuring such icons and park attractions as:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Haunted Mansion
  • “it’s a small world”
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Orange Bird
  • Snow White

Disney Boutique Dresses

4. The Dream Boutique

The Dream Boutique is the perfect stop for those wanting Disney character apparel, accessories, hats or costumes, complete with matching accessories inspired by favorite Disney Princesses.

A variety of plush and toys round out the product assortment found in this dreamy location.

Tips for Disney Pin Trading

5. Disney Pin Traders

Trading Disney pins has become a favorite pastime for many Disney theme park guests. Disney Pin traders and collectors are going to want to hit Disney Pin Traders store in Downtown Disney.

It features more than 60,000 pin designs. There is no bigger inventory of Disney pins anywhere on Disney property!

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