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10 BEST Things to do at Pandora The World of Avatar

One of the top places to visit in Animal Kingdom is Pandora, The World of Avatar. This part of the park transports you to another world that will captivate your senses. Na’vi tribal music fills the air and at every turn you will find tropical plants that seem to glow even in the daylight. There are many things to do in Pandora, so make sure you plan your time wisely.

10 Things to Do at Pandora World of Avatar in Animal Kingdom

If you are wondering what else you can expect to experience, we have come up with a list of the 10 things to do in Pandora!

Disney Flight of Passage

1. Ride on a Banshee at Flight of Passage

By far the most popular Avatar ride Animal Kingdom has is Flight of Passage.

Make sure that you get to the park early to ride this if you aren’t using the Lightning Lane system because the line can be up to 3 hours long!

And why is this the most popular of all the rides at Animal Kingdom?

It is because you are going to be able to fly on a banshee through some of the most amazing parts of Pandora!

It is similar in concept to Soarin’ in EPCOT, but much more interactive.

Riding a Banshee in Pandora

You will actually board a Banshee simulator and go on a 3D journey through jungles, overtop mountains, and near oceans.

There are no words for the way you feel as you are diving & gliding through the beautiful features of Pandora!

Na'vi River Journey in Pandora world of Avatar

2. Float through a Bioluminescent Jungle on the Na’vi River Journey

While not as exciting as Flight of Passage, the Na’vi River Journey takes you on a voyage aboard a reed boat through a magical river.

The ride is in the dark, but there is colorful bioluminescence that surrounds you lighting up in ways that you can hardly imagine.

Na'vi Shaman on River Journey

Along the journey, you will see wildlife, tribesmen, and even encounter a Na’vi Shaman of Song who will encourage you along your journey.

The best part is that this Avatar ride is air-conditioned so it is a nice way to beat the heat and rest your legs.

Valley of Mo'ara

3. Walk through the Valley of Mo’ara

Take the opportunity to walk through the area. There are plenty of walking paths, hidden alcoves, and places to explore.

Landscape of Pandora World of Avatar

You will get an entirely different perspective of this part of the park when you venture off the beaten path.

One of the best things to do at Pandora, the World of Avatar is visit the Valley of Mo’ara at night.

You will get a different perspective when Pandora is lit by bioluminescence.

Pandora Floating Mountains

4. Gaze at the Floating Mountains

When you arrive in Mo’ara, you will find yourself in a lush tropical setting.

Plant life is around you, waterfalls cascade down mountains that appear to float in the sky.

pandora waterfall

The Disney Imagineers went to great heights (both figuratively and literally) to make sure it was as realistic as it is in the movie.

Pandora Drum Circle

5. Swotu Wayä Na’vi Drum Drum Ceremony

At the base of the Valley of Mo’ara, you will find an interactive drum circle.

You may even find the Swotu Wayä Na’vi Drummer conducting a ceremony.

Pandora Drums

Even if there is no one to lead the drum ceremony, you can play the drums at your leisure.

Pandora the World of Avatar Souvenirs

6. Shop for Pandora the World of Avatar Souvenirs

Pandora has its own shop called Windtraders. If you are looking for Pandora, World of Avatar souvenir, this is the shop you will want to visit!

There are Pandora t-shirts, action figures, and a ton of glow-in-the-dark toys.

Banshees in Windtraders

The main Pandora souvenir is the interactive Banshee.

Rookery at Windtraders in Pandora

Inside Windtraders, you will find the Rookery where a Naturalist from Alpha Centauri Expeditions will help you choose your very own banshee (there are 10 unique styles).

These Banshees are fully interactive with three ranges of motion~ mouth, head, and wings – that are all controlled by hand.

Pandora Utility Suit

7. Learn about Conservation with the Park Ranger in his Exo-Carrier Utility Suit

Located near the entrance to Windtraders, you might stumble upon a Park Ranger in his Exo-Carrier Utility Suit.

Several times a day the Pandora Ranger discusses conservation and interacts with guests.

Satu'li Chicken Bowl

8. Eat like the Na’vi at Sa’tuli Canteen

If you are looking to experience something different when it comes to food, you need to check out Satu’li Canteen.

Satu-li Canteen Breakfast

This restaurant is not your typical restaurant and might not be for everyone, but it is one of our favorite quick-service restaurants to eat at Disney World!

Night Blossom at Pongu Pongu

9. Taste the Night Blossom at Pongu Pongu

Also worth checking out is the Pongu Pongu. This quick-service beverage station serves otherworldly beverages.

You must order the Night Blossom. It is a mixture of frozen limeade with apple & pear blend and topped with passion fruit boba.

It is tangy and refreshing!

Pandora Plant

10. Touch the Flaska Reclinata Interactive Plant

Either upon entering the Valley of Mo’ara or exiting look for a large pod-like plant.

This is the Flaska Reclinata and if you touch it in the right place, it will respond!

There are just so many things to do in Pandora, The World of Avatar that you can spend the better part of the day in this area. Make sure you plan your day carefully so that you give yourself enough time to explore.

How to Ride Flight of Passage & Na’vi River Journey

Flight of Passage is one of the most popular rides in Disney World, and the lines can be up to 3 hours long.

If you want to ride it and NOT stand in a three-hour line, you will need to purchase Lightning Lane.

Avatar Flight of Passage is only available through Individual Lightning Lane Purchase and NOT offered through Disney Genie+ service.

Na’vi River Journey is available on the Disney Genie+.

Have you been to Pandora? What did you think of this addition to Animal Kingdom?

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