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11 Creative Disney Autograph Ideas

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11 Creative Disney Autograph Ideas

How do you display Disney character autographs We all know that Disney World corners the market on Autograph books. They are found in almost every gift store at Walt Disney World and nearly all characters will take the time to sign whatever you give them during meet & greets
If your autograph book is filled up and you still would like characters to sign autographs, there are a few creative Disney autograph ideas we have to share with you.

The best option is to choose something that will allow you to display Disney character autographs where you can see them daily.

11 Creative Disney Autograph Ideas:

1. Plain Pillowcase. One fun way to keep your Disney autographs on display is on a pillowcase. It could be on a bed pillowcase or on a pillowcase cover for a decorative pillow. (Be sure to bring fabric markers)

2. Solid T-shirts are also great to sign.You can wear the shirt, but it would be easier if you had the shirt separate to use, plus a set of markers or sharpies. We prefer the Gildan t-shirts for writing on.

3. Disney Storybooks with Glossy Pages like this one featuring many popular characters is a great place to get autographs. You can look at them each time to read the stories or pull them out and frame them like a print!

4. Sash (like the ones you get at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique). Sashes are fun because they are easy to take on & off while you are at the park. They can also be easily displayed for show by hanging them on a wall.

5. Fabric Squares are easy enough to carry around and can be made into a blanket or quilt once you have enough of them! Solid fabric squares are the easiest to see the signatures & you can alternate with patterns. These make a great way to remember your special trip for many years to come.

6. Flat Mickey Wooden Signs. I love these Mickey Mouse wooden signs because once you have the signatures, you can hang them on the wall to use a decor! I would paint it a flat color before having them signed.

7. Mickey Mouse Ears. One thing that most people purchase on their first trip to Disney is a set of Mickey Mouse ears. If you bring a white or silver pen, Disney characters can sign the ears.

8. Plain Canvas Tote Bag. Canvas bags are relatively inexpensive and can be signed with fabric pens and used on your trip or when you are back home.

9. Disney themed Calendar. If you purchase a Disney calendar, you can get characters to sign on the different months of the year.

10. Disney Poster. This is not my favorite idea only because a poster can easily get ripped or crushes. If you know you can take care of it properly, a poster filled with Disney character autographs is a really cute way to showcase Disney character autographs.

11. Disney Photo Mat. This is one of my favorite Disney autograph ideas. Simply bring a photo mat and have characters sign with sharpies!

Disney characters will be more than willing to autograph any of these things. Just be sure you have the proper writing tool with you. I would opt for either fabric markers or sharpies.

Do you have any other creative Disney autograph ideas?

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