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10 Best Disneyland Souvenirs

When taking a trip to Disneyland, you are going to want to bring something home to remind you of all the fun you had. You are going to have a hard time deciding on just one souvenir though. With so many cute items to bring back, you are going to want to know which ones are the best Disneyland Souvenirs to make sure you get.

Disneyland Souvenirs

10 Best Disneyland Souvenirs

If you are going to Disneyland, here are some of our top picks for things to bring back with you from the park:

1. Disney Celebration Button

When you get to Disneyland, the first thing you need to do is get a Disneyland Celebratory button.

This FREE Disneyland Souvenir comes in a few different styles depending on what you are celebrating and can be personalized with a Sharpie!

Create your own Disney Charm Bracelet

2. Disney Charm Bracelet

If you want to bring something home for the girl in your life, one of the best Disneyland Souvenirs for girls is the Disney Charm Bracelet.

These Disney charm bracelets come in a few different styles and allow you to create a personalized look by choosing your favorite Disney charms.

Mickey Mouse Ears Collection

3. Mickey Ears

One of the most popular Disney souvenirs to buy are Mickey Mouse ears.

They come in so many forms that you should have no problem finding one that fits your personality!

Minnie Ears at Disneyland

Same is true for Minnie Ears! You will find all different styles, colors, patterns and themes.

4. Disney Trading Pins

Plan on doing some pin trading at Disneyland?

One thing that you can get as soon as you go to the parks is a lanyard and pins like this super cute Moana set.

Disneyland Pins

Then, while at the park, you can trade all day long.

This means you will get to bring home a collection of Disney pins that you can put on display!

5. Disneyland Pressed Pennies

We just love pressed pennies. They are the cheapest Disneyland souvenir and there are so many choices!

Disneyland even sells Pressed Penny books to keep your pennies organized.

6. Unique Disneyland Treat Souvenirs

Wish you could bring your favorite Disney treat home? Well, you can now.

Dole Whip Pillow

One of our favorite Disneyland souvenirs happens to be this collection of Disney Treat-inspired items that features everything from Dole Whips to Mickey Mouse Pretzels!

7. Disney Plush

A perfect Disneyland souvenir for a child is a Disney character pillow.

They come in many different characters but we just adore this one that looks like Sven from Frozen

8. Disneyland 100 Anniversary Items

While I don’t usually like buying dated items at the parks, this is the one exception.

Disney is celebrating 100 years and there is a ton of limited edition merchandise and it is really nice.

You’ll find everything from t-shirts and Minnie ears featuring the 100-year anniversary design and logo!

9. Galaxy Edge Souvenirs

With the opening of Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge, you are going to find a number of Star Wars souvenirs to take home.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Lanyard

There are so many things to choose from that you will have a hard time deciding.

One of the cutest Star Wars souvenirs in Galaxy Edge is a Kowakian Monkey-Lizard or a Porg. 

The Porg & Kowakian Monkey-Lizards can be found at the Creatures Stall in Galaxy Edge. Both are fully animated. 

10. Disneyland Coffee Mugs

There are so many Disney-themed coffee mugs in the park that might have a hard time deciding which to buy.

There are even Star Wars-themed mugs in Galaxy’s Edge.

No matter what Disneyland souvenir you choose, you are certainly going to appreciate having something to help you remember your trip! 

What do you think are the Best Disneyland Souvenirs?

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