Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise

by Kristi on September 17, 2012

Pirate Night on Disney CruiseOne of the things that make a Disney cruise unique is their Pirate Night!  Pirate night is a chance for you to channel your inner pirate by getting dressed up and partying Disney- Pirate style on board the ship. If you are wondering what Pirate Night is like aboard a Disney Cruise ship, here is what you can expect:

Disney Cruise Pirate NightWhen the steward makes up your stateroom, they will leave you a Disney Pirate Bandana for each member in your party. If you didn’t bring pirate attire with you, you will be able to purchase it on board, but realize that you will pay a premium and the selection will be somewhat limited as to what you can find.

DisneyDreamCruiseAugust2012130The Pirate party begins with a Pirate-themed dinner!    You will find that they restaurant you have chosen has been given a Pirate makeover and your servers will all be dressed in their finest Pirate Garb. Traditional menus will be replaced with a treasure map menu featuring some deserted island favorites.  Parents  will also have the chance to purchase a souvenir pirate cups that lights up for $4.99.

DisneyDreamCruiseAugust2012146Outside on the main deck, you will find that the pool has been covered up and the stage has been set for a Mickey’s Pirate Party. Get there early to grab a seat up front or find a great viewing spot from the balcony.  During the interactive stage show, you will spend some time dancing, singing and will get a chance to see your favorite Disney characters dressed up in their Pirate Outfits.  While this show is upbeat for the most part, smaller children might get a little frightened by the fight between Captain Hook & Mickey or by the sounds of cannons launching and hitting targets.

Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise will end will a beautiful firework display over the ocean. It is the only one in the world offered by a cruise line!  To say that it is magical, is an understatement.

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