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The Best Packing List for a Mediterranean Cruise

The Best Packing List for a Mediterranean Cruise

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A great way to visit the Mediterranean is by taking a cruise. You get to go to different ports of call, while still being able to sleep in the exact same bed night after night.  Wondering what you need to bring with you? We have a great packing list for a Mediterranean Cruise which includes a few things you might not realize you need.

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Packing List for a Mediterranean Cruise

Copy of your passport, Drivers License and a Credit Cars (know the PIN number your credit card in case you need to withdraw cash).

Backpack. You will want a backpack that is lightweight, but sturdy. This will be your day bag on excursions.

Mix & Match Clothing. Pick outfits that can be worn several different ways to achieve different looks.

  • Be sure to pack Casual Maxi-style Dress for women/girls & Khaki Pants for men/boys that can be worn on the ship for a casual dinner or on an excursion.
  • Bring a Shrug Sweater &/or Scarf. Many churches will not not permit you to walk in with exposed shoulders & arms (and sometimes legs).
  • Having a scarf that can be draped over your shoulders or a lightweight shrug should help you avoid having trouble going into sacred areas.
  • Try to stick to 1 pair walking shoes, 1 pair sandals/flip flops, 1 pair dress shoes.

Hat, Sunglasses & Sun Screen. Let’s face it, the last thing you want on your vacation is a sun burn.

Money Belt. Not to scare you, but pick-pockets are rampant overseas. Be safe and carry a Money Belt that can be hidden under your shirt.

Pocket Guide book for the port. While you may choose pre-booked excursion, there will be times where you might want to venture out on your own. It would be helpful for you to have a guide book with useful information. This is the book I use: Rick Steves’ Mediterranean Cruise Ports.

Cloth Napkin.Most public European bathrooms will have toilet paper and a sink. What you probably will not find is soap or a way of drying your hands. A cloth napkin does the trick. Just be sure to grab some paper napkins from the cruise ship.

Hand Sanitizer. See above.

Pocket Change in Euros. Often we think to get bills, but don’t always think to get coins. Many bathroom in Europe are NOT free. You will be required to pay with coins. Usually it is a Euro. Make sure you have plenty of Euros so you aren’t scrambling when you have to go.

Blister Band aids. You will be walking A LOT. Even if you do have the most comfortable walking shoes in the world, the last thing you want to do is have to search for band aids on your vacation in Europe!

Laundry Detergent/ Tide Pen. You might want to do a load of laundry, so why not bring a travel size with you. In any event, bring a Tide pen or some Shout Wipes too.

Swimwear & Water Shoes. Some beaches are topless, so be sure you know before you go. Many beaches are rocky, so water shoes will really help keep your feet from being torn up.

Melatonin. Jetlag can put a hamper on your vacation. If you have a hard time getting to sleep, you might want to try Melatonin. Take it a few hours before you’re read to sleep and it allows your body to rest naturally.

What other items should I add to my packing list for a Mediterranean Cruise?

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