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What is in a Disney Cruise Stateroom?

Preparing for a Disney Cruise can be tricky because most people want to keep their luggage as light as possible.  Luckily, Disney Cruise Line recognizes this and tries to give you some of the comforts of home in your Disney Cruise Stateroom.

Disney Dream Room with a View

10 Things in Your Disney Cruise Stateroom

The following items can be found in all Disney Cruise staterooms regardless of the Disney Cruise ship or destination:

1. Hair Dryer

Don’t waste your valuable packing space on a hair dryer.

All staterooms come with one and it can be found, along with a heat-safe pad, inside one of the bureau drawers.

Inside your desk on Disney Cruise

2. Disney Cruise Post Cards & Disney Cruise Line Stationary

If you are considering sending a postcard home during your cruise, you don’t have to worry about buying them on board.  

There are usually two postcards (featuring characters/ships) and some Disney Cruise Line stationary/envelopes inside the desk drawer.

One thing you will need is a stamp.  The best place to purchase one is Castaway Cay in the Bahamas.

Castaway Cay Post Office

You will walk right by the Post Office on your way to the beach.

This is a one-of-a-kind stamp you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Just make sure you have cash/change on hand.

Disney Cruise Line Retractable Pen

3. Disney Cruise Line Retractable Pen

There will be an ink pen in the desk drawer which is perfect for autographs!  

There are also pens at the customer service desk if you forget one.

4. Shampoo, Body Lotion, and Hand Soap

Disney Cruise Line provides these essentials in the bathroom and will restock them daily (or as requested).

There are pump dispensers for body wash, shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

In the bathroom with shower, you will find a makeup towel and body lotion dispenser.

In the bathroom with a toilet, there is a soap dispenser to wash your hands.

5. 4 Drinking Glasses

On your stateroom desk, you will find four drinking glasses. These are great for when you bring back drinks to your room and don’t want them to leak out of the paper cups.

They are also great for when you bring your own wine or alcohol onboard and need a nice glass to drink from.

6. Safe

You’ll be able to lock away valuables if you feel unsafe leaving them out in your stateroom. The safe can be found inside the closet.

Just be to read the instructions on how to use the safe.

If for any reason you find that you forget your code, ask your Stateroom attendant as they have a way to access the contents of your safe in the event that you lock yourself out of it.

Don’t ask how we know this. :)

7. Mini fridge

You will have a mini fridge, hidden in the desk, where you can keep bottled water or other items cold.  

This is a great place to keep your bottled water or canned beverages you might bring from home.

There is no freezer compartment.

Disney Cruise Stateroom Phone

8. Stateroom Phone

You never think that you will use a phone, but there is one beside the bed.

This is what you will use if you want to take advantage of free room service or if you need to get in touch with your room steward.

Inside Stateroom on the Disney Dream

9. Blanket

Should you get cold, you’ll find a lightweight blanket in a cabinet.

Sounds crazy that you might get cold, but sometimes a little too much sun can make your body react with a slight chill.

10. Pool Towels

You will not need your own pool/ beach towel!

There are unlimited pool towels in bins near the pools and there are towel stations when you leave the ship on Castaway Cay.

You can even take towels on your excursion, but be sure to remember to bring them back.

They are lightweight and white, so only bring your own towel if you absolutely need it.

It is nice that Disney provides so many things in your stateroom that you don’t have to over-pack!  Wondering what you should bring with you on a Disney Cruise?

We have the perfect Disney Cruise packing list.

Are there any items in your Disney Cruise Stateroom that I am missing?

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Gloria Gentz

Tuesday 11th of May 2021

Do all inside staterooms on the Dream sleep 4


Sunday 29th of January 2017

I saw a picture someone posted that had a mini bottle of aloe vera with the shampoo. Do all the rooms have that or do I need to bring my own? I always get sunburned, so I know I will need it.


Sunday 29th of January 2017

We have never had Aloe in our staterooms and we're frequent cruisers. It could be a concierge level bonus.


Thursday 14th of July 2016

My family thought the wave phones were less than useless, but on my last Disney Cruise, my sister, our friend, and I discovered the DCL app, which is a free service that connects to the ship's wifi (it doesn't charge you unless you purchase a plan), but you can use your phone to keep track of events (mark your favorites and get a notification 15 minutes before it starts), and text people that are around the boat. The emojis were pretty epic, too. :-)


Wednesday 28th of June 2017

I loved the app. All 11 of us used it. I just wished it made a sound when it got a text. In my pocket I did not know I had a message.


Saturday 16th of July 2016

Yes, you also download the Navigators to your own cell phone when you embark to have them the entire cruise without need to connect to wifi.


Wednesday 19th of November 2014

Yes, if you are going to any beach other than Castaway Cay you will need your own beach towel.


Sunday 26th of January 2014

The new Dream & Fantasy have way better hair driers. Do not being your own, you won't be able to plug them in anyway.


Monday 27th of January 2014

There are plugs at the desk you can use. I always bring my own.

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