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Beginners Guide to Trading Disney Pins

Trading Disney pins is a popular activity among Disney guests and if you are going to Disney for the first time, it is an activity your kids are going to want to take part in. The start-up expense is relatively small and they will end up with a nice collection of Disney pins that they can enjoy for years to come.

Beginners Guide to Trading Disney Pins

What You Need to Start Trading Disney Pins

To start pin trading, you will need to purchase some Disney pins to trade with.

Disney Princess Trading Pins

Disney pins come in various themes, from Disney characters to Disney rides.

2023 Epcot Flower & Garden Trading Pin

There are even Disney pins that showcase different Disney events like the Very Merry Christmas Party and Flower and Garden Festival.

You can buy individual Disney pins or sets at gift shops throughout the parks, or you can purchase them online before your trip.

Disney Pin Sets

Disney Pins can be purchased individually, in sets or in mystery packs.

Disney Pin Lanyards

For first-time Disney Pin traders, a great option is to purchase a Disney Pin Lanyard that comes with a set of Disney trading pins.

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They make a great starter kit because they are relatively inexpensive and also allow a place to keep pins as they trade.

Disney Pin Board

Where You Can Trade Disney Pins

The most popular way to trade Disney pins is with cast members carrying a lanyard or pin pouch.

When you see a cast member wearing Disney pins you are more than free to ask to trade pins with them.

Often they have some of the best Disney pins because cast members trade pins frequently, which means their selection is always rotating.

Another option to find pins to trade is on Disney pin trading boards that are located in shops and stores at the parks.

These are usually found at the checkout counter and easy to spot.

Hidden Pin Locations

Lastly, there are some secret pin locations that show up throughout the Disney parks.

These are harder to find, but often contain really large amounts of Disney pins for trade.

Tips for Disney Pin Trading

Disney Pin Trading Rules

Before you start trading pins, be sure to familiarize yourself with Disney Pin trading rules:

  1. Ask to see the cast member pins or the Disney pin board without grabbing or touching.
  2. If you choose not to trade, thank the Cast Member for allowing you to look.
  3. If you choose to trade, let the Cast Member know which Disney trading pins you are interested in.
  4. Trade only one pin at a time with a maximum of 2 pins.
  5. Take your own pin off your lanyard, and place the rubber back on before handing it to the cast member.
  6. Hand them your pin and open your hand to receive the trade.
  7. Thank the Cast Member and place your new pin on your lanyard.

Are you excited to start trading Disney pins? Make sure you use these Disney pin trading tips while at the parks.

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