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Spending Halloween in Magic Kingdom

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Why You Should Spend Halloween in Magic Kingdom
What better way to spend the Halloween season than at Walt Disney World! During the fall months, you will find Magic Kingdom decorated with Halloween displays, shops filled with Halloween merchandise and special treats that are only made this time of year. Spending Halloween in Magic Kingdom is the perfect way to get ready for the season!

One of the main events of the Halloween season is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party which runs from August until the first of November.

During this seasonal party, you can get dressed up, do some trick or treating, have a dance party with characters and see a very special Boo to You Halloween Parade. You can buy discounted tickets on Undercover Tourist.

But not to worry, if you don’t get the chance to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. You will still get to experience a lot of things during the Halloween season.

Halloween Displays at Magic Kingdom

Spending Halloween in Magic Kingdom

As soon as mid-August, Magic Kingdom begins to transform. You will find yourself surrounded by fall decorations; Candy Corn colored banners hang on buildings down Main Street USA and giant Jack-o-lanterns can be found throughout the park.

Scarecrows in Magic Kingdom at Halloween

From the time you enter Magic Kingdom you will feel like you have stepped into a Halloween park. Although the weather doesn’t feel quite like fall, the scenery sure will make you feel like you are getting close to Halloween.

Halloween at Magic KingdomYou will notice the Fall wreaths along the lamp posts, each with a Mickey Mouse Jack-o-Lantern. At night, these pumpkins will glow orange.

Minnie Mouse Halloween StatueMake sure that you take time to walk around the walkways in front of Cinderella’s Castle. There you can spot statues featuring your favorite Disney characters in their Halloween costumes.

Disney Halloween Candy ApplesWhen it comes to spooky treats, you can expect to find plenty of seasonal goodies. There are candy apples themed for Halloween, along with specialty snacks like Jack-o-lantern cookies and Pumpkin-flavored desserts.

Disney Halloween GearLooking to add some Disney Halloween decorations to your own home or outdoor display? You will find a ton of Halloween themed merchandise at the park during the fall months.

Halloween Souvenirs in Disney WorldYou will find everything from wall hangings to treat bowls in the shops along Main Street USA. There are so many unique items, that you will have no problem finding a special souvenir.

The fall is a wonderful time of the year to visit Walt Disney World and certainly nothing quite beats spending Halloween at Disney.

Have I convinced you to spend visit Magic Kingdom during Halloween?

Spending Halloween in Magic Kingdom

One of the best things about going to Disney World during the fall is getting to experience Magic Kingdom decorated for the holiday.

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