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Is Goofy a Dog or a Cow? Here is the answer.

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked, “Is Goofy a dog or a cow?” I am not sure why this has become such a popular topic of conversation or even why people are questioning the character’s species, but we can clear this up once and for all.

Is Goofy a Dog or a Cow?

Why do people think Goofy is a Cow?

Disney is very clear. Mickey is a mouse, Donald is a duck and Pluto most certainly is a dog.

And while Mickey and Donald have human-like qualities, Pluto does not.

Perhaps that is why people think Goofy can’t be a dog and that he must be a cow.

I mean, would Disney create two dogs, giving only one human-like quality?

The second cause for believing Goofy is a cow comes from his love interest.

Throughout Disney movies & cartoons featuring the loveable character, we are shown that Goofy’s love interest is Clarabelle Cow.

This probably leads people to once again believe that Goofy is a cow.

Why do People Think Goofy is a Dog?

If you look into the history of Goofy, you will find that Disney originally created Dippy Dawg back in 1932.  You can find him in Mickey’s Revue, sitting beside what appears to be an early version of Clarabelle Cow.

Later that same year, Dippy Dawg seems to transform into a younger version renamed Goofy in the cartoon Orphan’s Benefit.

The Final Word on Whether Goofy is a Cow or Dog

Bill Farmer has been the voice of Goofy since 1987 and currently voices Goofy in the Disney+ reality series, It’s a Dog’s Life.

A farmer clears the misconception up in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, “He is not a dog…Goofy seems to be in the canine family in the same way that a wolf is not a dog, but they also are in the canine family. I think Canis Goofus is the technical Latin term for what Goofy is. He’s just Goofy.”

So, there you have it! Goofy is a species of dog, but in the same way that Mickey is a mouse. He is given human-like qualities that set him a part from Pluto, who is a traditional pet dog.

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Monday 1st of May 2023

So is he a cow or a Steer or a dog ? lol i'm so lost.


Monday 3rd of April 2023

Goofy is a mixed breed, talking dog. Back when he was created he would have been called a mutt. He has Coon dog features and is the size of a Great Dane. This artist designer’s canine character might be a “Coon-Dane” who is attracted to a cow.

Naroo Walatuti

Monday 13th of February 2023

He ees not cow, and not exactly bull. He ees steer!


Sunday 8th of January 2023

he is a dog, in the sequel of the Goofy movie Tank calls Max “Dog Man”


Saturday 6th of May 2023

@landon, you got a point


Thursday 22nd of December 2022

I love how all the comments are about how he is a dog or whatever. Did you not read the article? HE IS OF THE CANINE FAMILY! HE IS NOT A DOG LIKE A WOLF IS NOT A DOG! what is the point of an article like this if people don't even read it correctly.

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