What to Tip on Disney Cruise Line

by Kristi on April 20, 2014

Disney Cruise Tipping GuidelinesIf you are going on your first Disney Cruise, it might help to know what to expect when it comes to tipping. While Disney Cruise Line will give you an idea on how much they expect you to give, you do have the choice on exactly how much gratuities you give out.  You should base this on both Disney Cruise Line’s tipping guidelines and your personal experience with the staff.  All gratuities (with the exception of the bar) will be done at the end of your cruise (usually the night before disembarkation), so you will have a good chance to reflect on your entire cruise experience prior to leaving gratuities. These tips can be paid in cash or charged to the card you have linked to your Stateroom.

Your Stateroom Host
You will meet your stateroom host on the day your arrive and can expect to see him/her daily the rest of your cruise. The stateroom host will come to your room twice a day (to change linens and clean up). They will also do fun things like decorate your room for a special occasion, leave chocolates on your pillows during turn down service and use towels (and sometimes your personal items) to make cute animals!  Disney Cruise Line recommends tipping your stateroom host $4 per guest per night of your cruise.

Restaurant Servers
If you eat at any of the Disney Cruise Line Main Dining restaurants, you will have a server, assistant server and head server who will stay with you during your entire voyage. As you change restaurants, your servers do the same. Your main server will be responsible for your meals and the assistant typically handles your drink orders. The head server is in charge of the entire team of servers and usually visits your table once at the end of your meal to inform you of the next days restaurant. This Disney Cruise Line recommend tipping your server $4 per person per night, assistant $3 per person per night, and $1 per person per night for the head server.

During your cruise, you may decide to have a mixed beverage from the bar or through a bar attendant at the pool. You need to be aware that Disney Cruise Line automatically adds a 15% gratuity to all beverages purchased in restaurants, bars, poolside and on the beach at Castaway Cay. No further tip is needed unless you feel they went out of their way in terms of service.

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Disney Family Fun Magazine Deal (DEAD)

by Kristi on April 20, 2014

disney-family-fun-magazine-dealIf you are looking for a great magazine that not only has articles for parents, but also is kid friendly in that you can feel comfortable with letting your kids look at it, check out Disney Family Fun Magazine. Right now, Disney Insider Tips readers can get a year subscription to Family Fun for only $3.99.

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Favorite Souvenir: Disney Mr. Potato Head

by Kristi on April 17, 2014

Disney Mr. Potato HeadWith so many Disney Souvenirs to choose from, it can be hard deciding which souvenirs are worth spending money on. You want something to help you remember your vacation, but at the same time, when you are buying for kids, you want something that they can also get daily enjoyment from. One of my favorite Disney Souvenirs for kids is the Disney Mr. Potato Head.

Disney Mr. Potato Head

Disney Mr. Potato HeadIf you head over to the Once Upon A Toy in Downtown Disney, you will find a HUGE make your own Disney Mr. Potato Head section where you can trick out your Mr. Potato head to look like Tinker Bell  or Darth Vader or something totally original.

Disney Mr. Potato headThe best part is that you can stuff all your favorite Disney Mr. Potato Parts into a HUGE Mr. Potato Head container for only $19.95!  This is a great deal for a toy that will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment!

What is your favorite Disney Souvenir?


Disney Junior Items on Sale

by Kristi on April 15, 2014

Doc McStuffins PajamasRight now, Zulily has a ton of Disney Junior items on sale. They have toys and clothing featuring all your favorite Disney Junior characters; Doc McStuffins, Jake & Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. As with all items as Zulily, they don’t last long. This sale is only running a few more days so be sure to get your favorite Disney Junior items before it sells out.


30 FREE Disney Movie Reward Points

by Kristi on April 14, 2014

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