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Disney Souvenir: Personalized Star Wars Name Tags

Personalized Star Wars Name Tags

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One Star Wars Souvenir that ALL fans of the movie are going to love is the Personalized Star Wars Name Tags! These are a one of a kind souvenir that can only be found at Hollywood Studios.

While you might think that the best Star Wars souvenirs are at Galaxy’s Edge, there are other places inside Hollywood Studios that sell Star Wars Souvenirs.

One of the best places to find cool, one of a kind Star Wars merchandise is Star Wars Launch Bay.

Star Wars Launch Bay is the place to go to meet characters from the movie, see real props from the movie and purchase all sorts of Star Wars themed merchandise, including the Star Wars Name Tags.

Personalized Star Wars Name Tags

Create a Star Wars Name Tag

You will first need to choose from one of four tag designs. Each design will also allow you to choose from a number of different categories to signify your title or home planet.

Star Wars Name Tag

Once you have decided that information, you turn in your form & have your name translated into Aurebesh.  If your name is more than 11 letters, you will need to use a nickname that is shorter.

Once done, you will have created a really cool Star Wars Souvenir that you can wear around the park! Best part of this is that this souvenir is only $9.95 which is a total steal!

What is your favorite Disney souvenir?

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