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Marpac Travel Sound Machine for Disney Vacations

Marpac Travel Sound Machine is a must have for Disney Vacations

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Whether it is a trip to Disney World resorts on on board the Disney Cruise Line, the one item I ALWAYS have packed is my Marpac travel sound machine.

A sound machine creates white noise, almost like having a fan running.

The constant sound allows your brain to focus on sleep rather than other sounds in the room (or outside the room) that may otherwise disrupt your sleep.

While Disney resorts and Disney Cruise Line staterooms are relatively quiet, people come back to their rooms at all hours of the night and have no idea how loud they are being.

They slam doors, talk loudly and sometimes even have their TVs on the highest setting.

It can be a hard environment to sleep, and we all know that we really need a good night sleep in order to enjoy a full day at the parks or on a cruise excursion.

That is why my Marpac travel sound machine is my must have travel item.

I simply turn it on right before I go to bed and then I drift off to sleep peacefully!

Do you have a must have item to travel with?

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