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Disney Skyliner Gondola Transportation System

The Disney Skyliner is an innovative part of the Disney World transportation system that connects various Disney Resorts to the International Gateway at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. It is designed to provide guests with a unique travel experience while also reducing traffic congestion within the resort area. If you are staying at one of the Disney Resorts that have this transportation option, you are going to love it!

Disney Skyliner going to Hollywood Studios

Disney Skyliner Gondola Transportation System

The Disney Skyliner system consists of a network of gondolas that are suspended from cables and can carry up to 10 passengers at a time or 6 people and one stroller, ECV or a wheelchair.

The gondolas move continuously along the cable route at a speed of about 11 miles per hour.

This rate of speed and special cross-ventilation system allows the gondolas to self-regulate temperature so that they are never too hot.

Frozen Skyliner at Disney World

While there are lines for the Skyliner, you will never wait too long for one!

There are over 300 individual gondolas in operation, with different designs featuring popular Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Frozen, and Sulley from Monsters, Inc.

Courtesy Disney

Disney Skyliner Map

Because the Disney Skyliner has three different lines, depending on where you start and where you want to end up, you might have to change lines.

  • One line connects the International Gateway at EPCOT to Riviera Resort and Caribbean Beach Resort.
  • A second line connects Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.
  • The third line connects Caribbean Beach Resort to Pop Century Resort and Art of Animation Resort.
Skyliner at Pop Century

Disney Resorts on the Skyliner

Pop Century Resort and Art of Animation Resort

These two resorts are located near each other and are connected by the Skyliner.

When traveling on the Skyliner from either of these resorts to the International Gateway at Epcot, you will need to transfer at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. 

The travel time from both resorts to Epcot is approximately 20 minutes and 25 minutes to Hollywood Studios.

Disney World Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

This moderate resort is the hub of the Skyliner, with three separate gondola lines branching out to different destinations.

It is a straight shot to Hollywood Studios and travels to Riviera Resort before getting to International Gateway at EPCOT.

Disney Riviera Resort

Disney’s Riviera Resort

This deluxe Disney resort is equidistant to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios via the Skyliner.

The Disney World Skyliner Refurbishment Schedule for 2024

  • Jan. 16-21 Skyliner will be closed between Pop Century, Art of Animation and Caribbean Beach Resort AND between Caribbean Beach Resort and Hollywood Studios.
  • Jan. 16-27 Skyliner will be closed between Caribbean Beach Resort, Riviera Resort and EPCOT.
Disney Skyliner at Art of Animation

Skyliner Hours of Operation

  • Disney Skyliner starts running one hour before Early Theme Park Entry begins at EPCOT & Hollywood Studios.
  • Disney Skyliner closes each day 90 minutes after EPCOT & Hollywood Studios closes.
  • During Extended Evening Hours at EPCOT & Hollywood Studios, Disney Skyliner closes one hour after the parks close.

Overall, we love staying at resorts that offer Skyliner service. Not only can you take them to the parks, but you can also use them to get to the Boardwalk Resorts which are just a short walk from International Gateway at EPCOT.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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