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Cancelling a Disney Trip due to Coronavirus

Disney World Vacation Tips

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Many people are trying to reschedule their Disney vacations due to the outbreak of the Global Pandemic of the coronavirus and some guests are even wanting to cancel their Disney vacations. 

How to Cancel a Trip to Disney World

If you are hoping to postpone or cancel your trip to Disney World, you may be confused as to how to proceed with changing currently paid trips. 

Not to worry, Disney World will work with those who need to cancel or reschedule their visit.

Those hoping to cancel, can expect a full refund.

To cancel your Disney trip or for more information, make sure you call Disney World at (714) 520-5050.

How to Cancel a Disneyland Vacation

Disneyland has yet to reopen and no date has been set.

If you have planned a Disneyland trip, you might be worrying about if that vacation is going to be able to happen.

It might be in your best interest to cancel your trip or atleast postpone it until well into 2021. To receive your Disneyland ticket package refund, you may should call Disneyland at (714) 520-5050.

What if I booked tickets through Undercover Tourist?

If you purchased your tickets through Undercover Tourist, they will work with you.

According to Undercover Tourist Website, you should contact them directly at 1 (800) 846-1302 to get a refund or change your dates.

The only way to guarantee a refund of your purchase is to contact Undercover Tourist directly, prior to your pick-up date and time. Cancellations will only be valid if processed through Undercover Tourist.

How to Cancel a Disney Cruise due to Coronavirus

Those who currently have a Disney Cruise scheduled and are unable to go due to cruise cancellations or want to push their cruise date back should contact Disney Cruise Line at 800-951-3532 to re-book or cancel.

We will continue to update you as we get more information from Disney about the cancellations due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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