Disney on Ice: Rockin Ever After Review

by Kristi on December 8, 2012

If you have a chance to go to see the Disney on Ice Show Rockin’ Ever After, you won’t be disappointed!  It is very entertaining and full of your favorite Disney Princesses, including Merida.  Because of the heavy focus on Princesses, this show was really geared toward girls, but the boys may like it as well.   Here is the line up of the show:

  • Mickey & Friends Introduction
  • Cinderella Step Sisters
  • Little Mermaid
  • Tangled
  • Intermission
  • Brave
  • Beauty & the Beast
  • Ensemble with all characters

Disney did a great job with telling each story through a limited space &  time.  The scenery and backdrops were reused in several of the segments, but they were used in such a way that you didn’t really notice.  I felt that this show really went above and beyond in the sense of  utilizing all space and making things realistic. From the dining room Chandelier for the Beauty and the Beast to the Floating Lanterns in Tangled, every detail was nothing less than spectacular.

I was amazed by how many different characters were in this performance. The Brave segment was full of many favorites, including Merida’s brothers and the suitors!  Little Mermaid not only had the well-known Sebastian and Ursula, but included all of Ariel’s sisters!

While the ice skaters worked the floor, I felt that too much time was spent at the front of the rink as opposed to giving face-time to all sides. This is something that I have not noticed in prior shows, but hope that in the future, Disney will find a way to make it so that all seats get close to equal viewing.

Over all, this show was worth every penny and I am glad we went! If you got to see Disney On Ice: Mickey’s Rockin Ever After, what was your favorite part?

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